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A small, red-bellied snake might be reconsidered for protection under the Endangered Species Act
- by Michigan Radio

Three environmental groups plan to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in an effort to protect a small snake found in parts of Michigan.

Flint water crisis settlement claims process begins this week
- by Michigan Radio

Starting this week, tens of thousands of people in Flint can begin filing damage claims as part of a $626 million settlement of civil lawsuits in the Flint water crisis.

The next source of trouble for Great Lakes fish populations: tires
- by Sharon Oosthoek

A tire chemical that was poisoning fish out West has been discovered in two Lake Ontario tributaries.

Environmental justice in spotlight as WH official departs
- by The Associated Press

The White House’s top official on environmental justice is stepping down a year after President Joe Biden took office with an ambitious plan to help disadvantaged communities and overhaul policies that have historically hurt them.

Ohio company will pay nearly $250K for Michigan fish kill
- by The Associated Press

A paper mill in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has agreed to pay nearly $250,000 to settle an investigation of a fish kill in the Escanaba River, state regulators said.

South Haven adds Lake Michigan restrictions in bad weather
- by The Associated Press

A southwestern Michigan town that swells with summer visitors is taking steps to keep people out of Lake Michigan during hazardous conditions.

Breeze Boost: What’s the connection between breezy Lake Michigan days and high ozone levels?
- by Lina Tran

A multi-agency study of Lake Michigan ozone levels found that lake breezes impact the ozone levels of nearshore communities.

Bugs, Shorter Winters, Climate: Great Lakes vineyards face changing circumstances
- by Capri S. Cafaro

Researchers around the region are looking to solve the many issues that Great Lakes vineyards are facing, many of which boil down to climate change and its impacts.

Road salt threatens Michigan lakes and rivers. Can an alternative take hold?
- by Bridge Michigan

Road salt is threatening the Great Lakes’ famous fresh waters and creating even bigger problems for the inland rivers, lakes and aquifers – not to mention your car’s undercarriage.

Adapting to Climate Change Will Only Get More Expensive
- by Hakai Magazine

A new estimate puts the cost of adapting and repairing coastal infrastructure damaged by climate change in the United States at hundreds of billions annually. The sooner adaptation planning begins, the less expensive it will be.

Great Lakes Moment: Kirtland’s warblers are thriving in Michigan
- by John Hartig

The Kirtland’s warbler went from less than 200 males in the ‘70s to more than 2,200 in 2021. In this month’s column, John Hartig looks at their recovery.

Year in Review 2021: The two-beer bear and other Lake Huron canine adventures
- by Sandra Svoboda

Great Lakes travel in 2021 meant road trips, island encounters and a lot of fetch on the beach with my dog, Cal.