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Energy News Roundup: Electric school buses, solar-powered recreational boats on the rise
- by Kathy Johnson

Catch the latest in Great Lakes energy news in Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

The Catch: Cruising the Great Lakes
- by GLN Editor

“This past summer was a record-setting year for cruise ships in the Great Lakes, and that’s meant a lot more tourists coming to the region. It’s also meant economic development for cities in the region.”

From radiation to water pollution to cities, humans are now a driver of evolution in the ‘natural’ world – podcast
- by Madison Wood

Indiana’s governor is planning his fifth overseas trip of the year, this time to attend a U.N. climate conference in Egypt.

Great Lakes Moment: New video game teaches watershed management
- by John Hartig

Researchers from the University of Windsor and Sheridan College have developed a new video game to train and empower youth to take on the challenge of ecological restoration.

The Catch: Record Number of Piping Plovers
- by GLN Editor

Of the region’s 72 breeding pairs, 48 were in Michigan, and Michigan’s nests produced a record number of chicks.

Nonprofit buys 31,000 forested acres by Copper Harbor to keep land public
- by Bridge Michigan

The Nature Conservancy, a global environmental group, has paid a New York hedge fund more than $27 million for part of the land, with another purchase to come.

Surf and Turf: The Great Lakes Now Episode Quiz
- by Anna Sysling

Test your knowledge on Great Lakes land use, eFoiling on Lake Huron, and The Catch.

Some Republicans, Democrats, environmentalists, hunters, anglers, and birders all want the same thing: more wetlands
- by Michigan Radio

The idea is to reduce harmful algal blooms getting into the Great Lakes, reduce flooding, and provide habitat for wildlife.

Analysis finds ‘stunning’ lack of compliance with coal ash rules, putting groundwater at risk
- by Energy News Network

Environmental groups’ comprehensive review of the latest company-reported data shows monitoring of drinking water sources is urgently needed.

Indiana governor traveling to UN climate summit in Egypt
- by The Associated Press

Indiana’s governor is planning his fifth overseas trip of the year, this time to attend a U.N. climate conference in Egypt.

Great Lakes Moving Bridges: How they work and why we love them
- by James Proffitt

Moving bridges historically played crucial roles in the development of dozens of Great Lakes cities. And folks are often mesmerized by their sheer size and the fact they really do move.

New technology provides hope for the Great Lakes’ polluted waters
- by Great Lakes Echo

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Agency have demonstrated a new technology designed to reduce harmful algal blooms in lakes.