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‘Some crumbs’: Critics urge rejection of $641M Flint deal
- by The Associated Press

A federal judge listened Tuesday to Flint residents who were victims of the city’s lead-contaminated water, a step in determining whether she should sign off on a $641 million deal that would settle claims against the state of Michigan.

Invasive Tracking: Researchers trying to trace zebra mussel infestations
- by Rachel Duckett

A University of Minnesota rapid response project is conducting genetic testing on zebra mussels found in pet stores across the U.S. and Canada.

Researchers find relationship between invasive zebra mussels, toxic algae
- by Great Lakes Echo

Researchers found the presence of zebra mussels led to an increase in a type of bacteria called Microcystis that produces the algae.

Illinois sues owner of plant where fire prompted evacuations
- by The Associated Press

Illinois prosecutors said the company should be held accountable for air and water pollution and hazards that still exist.

Scientists: Pup births hopeful sign for Isle Royale wolves
- by The Associated Press

Wolf pups have been spotted again on Isle Royale, a hopeful sign in the effort to rebuild the predator species’ population at the Lake Superior national park.

Drinking Water Roundup: Biden administration invests millions in rural water, treatment plant uses ultraviolet, lead pipe removal in Flint
- by Rachel Duckett

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Energy News Roundup: US invests in wave energy, celebrities urge Biden to stop Line 3, company seeks damages for Keystone XL cancellation
- by Noah Bock

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Report: Great Lakes region needs about $2B for flood repairs
- by The Associated Press

Shoreline cities and towns in the Great Lakes region will be spending heavily in coming years to fix public infrastructure damaged by recent flooding and erosion.

Investing in the Lakes: New bill could redirect tech money to neglected Great Lakes cities
- by Gary Wilson

The Great Lakes region is “regularly overlooked by federal lawmakers, investors and innovators,” but new legislation may help the region shake its Rust Belt image and secure tech and innovation investments.

Court: DNR can impose farm conditions, consider well impact
- by The Associated Press

The decisions mark a major win for conservationists and clarify that the Department of Natural Resources has broad authority to protect Wisconsin’s waters.

Ohio expands farmer incentive program to clean up Lake Erie
- by The Associated Press

Farmers in 10 more northern Ohio counties will be eligible to receive financial incentives for using new agriculture practices that improve water quality in Lake Erie.

Low but Stable: Yellow perch populations in Great Lakes’ bays and open waters
- by John McCracken

The yellow perch is a staple of Great Lakes commercial and recreational fishing, and Friday fish fries.