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Earth Day 2021: What can you do and where?
- by Natasha Blakely

Earth Day is Thursday, April 22, but the related activities you can do aren’t limited to that day alone.

How Microfishing Took the Angling World by (Very Small) Storm
- by Hakai Magazine

Around the world, fishers are embracing tiny quarry. Is microfishing a celebration of biodiversity or a sign of collapse?

Water Access: As moratoria on shutoffs end, old problems return to the forefront
- by Kari Lydersen

As moratoria expire across the Great Lakes region, advocates say ongoing affordability and debt relief are key.

Drownings Increase: Research shows possible connection between COVID-19 restrictions and Great Lakes drownings
- by Andrew Blok

More people at the beach appeared to translate to more rescues and more drownings.

Michigan tribe seeks cultural property protection in path of Line 5 project
- by Energy News Network

The Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians is seeking to designate the Straits of Mackinac as a Traditional Cultural Property following the discovery last fall of a potential archaeological site.

A big fight in Lansing over fishing rules on the Great Lakes
- by Bridge Michigan

With Great Lakes whitefish in decline, commercial fishers say they’re fighting for survival against state rules that would put them out of business. But recreational fishing advocates say the commercial trade needs more regulation.

The problem within: Biden targets lead pipes, pushes equity
- by The Associated Press

Biden’s plan to replace every lead water pipe in the country could have huge ramifications for Chicago and others where a swath of Black, Latino and low-income residents have been left effectively drinking from a lead straw.

Duck Stamp: Little stamp has big impacts in the Great Lakes and nationwide
- by James Proffitt

Since its inception in 1934, the duck stamp has garnered more than $1 billion for habitat conservation in the national wildlife refuge system.

Spotlight on Infrastructure: Policy executive talks new Biden plan, definitions of infrastructure
- by Gary Wilson

A Chicago policy executive talked to Great Lakes Now about the Biden infrastructure plan and what a full partnership with the federal government could mean.

Scientists Concerned About the Bottom of the Food Web in the Great Lakes
- by Michigan Radio

The warming climate could mean changes for the base of the food web in the lakes, but researchers are not yet sure what those changes might be.

Controversial Indiana environmental bills inch near passage
- by The Associated Press

Lawmakers approved two environmental bills Tuesday that critics say could damage the state’s ecosystems by scaling back current policy affecting water, energy and other resources.

Lake Michigan town installing lights to improve beach safety
- by The Associated Press

Frankfort, Michigan, will update lights installed at the beach entrance and at the pier to indicate beach conditions.