Waterfront Development

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    Photo by Waterfront Toronto via John Hartig

    A Great Lakes Moment from John Hartig

    - by John Hartig

    A recent case study of the cleanup of Toronto Harbour has shown that investing in environmental cleanup and restoration yields considerable economic and social benefits. If cities want to achieve competitive advantage, environmental cleanup and protection are essential.

  • Advocacy
    Photo by James Proffitt

    “Rights of Nature” initiative for Lake Erie stalls in Toledo

    - by James Proffitt

    An effort by residents of a Midwest city to bestow Lake Erie, its tributaries and all its watersheds some of the same rights as American citizens has faltered for a third time. If approved, organizers say it would be the first use of Rights of Nature to protect a specific ecosystem…

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    Water School

    - by Mary Ellen Geist

    All across the Great Lakes Region, from large cities to small rural towns, new problems are emerging involving water contamination. Many of the issues involve drinking water. And yet some officials don’t know much about how water systems work. Michigan State University is offering up a solution called “Michigan Water School: Essential Resources for Local Officials.”