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Great Lakes News Collaborative Presents The Checkup: Water and Human Health in a Changing Climate

Join Great Lakes Now, Circle of Blue, Bridge Michigan, Michigan Public and The Narwhal for a dynamic conversation about issues at the intersection of the Great Lakes, climate change and human health.


‘Poisoned Ground’ and Environmental Policy

Join Great Lakes Now for a PBS Virtual Town Hall featuring American Experience’s “Poisoned Ground: The Tragedy at Love Canal,” which tells the dramatic and inspiring story of ordinary women who fought against overwhelming odds for the health and safety of their families. In the late 1970s, residents of Love Canal in Niagara Falls, NY, discovered that their homes, schools, and playgrounds were built on top of a former chemical waste dump. Housewives activated to create a grassroots movement that galvanized the landmark Superfund Bill. Highlights for this virtual event include video clips from the film, a conversation with American Experience Executive Producer Cameo George, and a live panel discussion featuring experts on environmental issues and policy; clean up and remediation; and a look at the lasting impacts of the Love Canal environmental disaster.

Citizen Science and the Solar Eclipse

Join Great Lakes Now, NOVA, SciStarter, the American Astronomical Society, Michigan Learning Channel and PBS Books as we dig into the science of the solar eclipse with astrophysicists from NASA. We’ll get the details on eclipse citizen science initiatives, and watch a clip from NOVA’s “Great American Eclipse” special too! Great Lakes Now Contributor Capri Cafaro will moderate this educational and engaging discussion, and we’ll take your questions and comments for our panel of experts during this LIVE town hall event.

TED Explores: A New Climate Vision

This PBS Climate Virtual Town Hall focused on climate solutions, resilience and innovation. We showcased excerpts from the documentary, “Ted Explores: A New Climate Vision,” and talked with researchers, journalists and other experts at the frontlines of addressing the challenges of a changing climate with rigor and imagination.

Adaptation, Preparedness and Equity Amid Rising Waters

This PBS Climate Virtual Town Hall hosted by Great Lakes Now and Ideastream Public Media focused on flooding. Ideastream’s Zaria Johnson moderated a panel discussion with experts in climate adaptation, flooding preparedness, equity and infrastructure.

Beavers, biodiversity and climate resilience in the Great Lakes

This special virtual town hall event highlighted the role beavers play in ecosystems throughout the Great Lakes basin. We featured clips from Wild Hope’s Beaver Fever episode, which takes a look at how beavers are shaping climates throughout the British countryside, and what we learned from these excerpts shaped a live conversation with a panel of experts here in the Great Lakes!

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