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In warming Great Lakes region, water, heat can be an unhealthy combination

From mosquitoes to sewer overflows, the heat and moisture of a changing climate are creating new health threats in the Great Lakes region, prompting a call to educate residents and doctors about the risks.

PFAS News Roundup: 3M scientist exposes 50 years of PFAS deceit just as the ‘forever chemicals’ are found in Great Lakes precipitation
- by Mia Litzenberg

Catch the latest updates on what’s happening with PFAS in the Great Lakes region.

Bald eagles nearly died out. What can we learn from their return to the southern Great Lakes?
- by The Narwhal

The pesticide DDT nearly wiped out North America’s bald eagles. Communities, scientists and politicians worked hard to bring this symbolic bird back from the brink.

Saving Whitefish and Navigating Niagara
- by Mila Murray

Teaching Lake Whitefish to thrive and getting up close at Niagara Falls.  

I Speak For The Fish: Are muskies still the readers’ favorite?

My confidence that no other species had a chance of unseating muskies as the reader’s favorite seemed like a safe bet. But I was wrong.

It’s OK to mow in May − the best way to help pollinators is by adding native plants
- by The Conversation

“No Mow May” is a catchy concept, but it doesn’t provide the food that native North American pollinators need or lasting support for them.

Disappointed dogs, sad skiers, frustrated fishermen
- by Kari Lydersen

Looking back on the warm, snowless winter that wreaked havoc on cherished outdoor recreation, and how Great Lakes communities made do.

Dams may slow harmful algal blooms in urban lakes, expert says
- by Great Lakes Echo

Like clockwork, Michigan’s Ford Lake and its downstream neighbor, Belleville Lake, turn bright green every summer due to harmful algal blooms.

Wildfire Rampage Injures Lungs in the Great Lakes
- by Circle of Blue

People are unprepared for smoke from forest fires worsened by intense drought and heat.

Chicago groups spotlight the city’s water “abundance,” focus on innovation, collaboration as key to its future

“Innovation is integral to delivering on all of our water priorities,” says top executive. What about conservation?

Canadian wildfire smoke chokes upper Midwest for second straight year
- by The Associated Press

Smoke from Canadian wildfires has prompted health warnings across the Upper Midwest and Montana for the second year in a row.