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Not Just Pretty Pictures: Bearing witness to the night sky
- by Staci Lola Drouillard

“Spirits Dancing: The Night Sky, Indigenous Knowledge & Living Connections to the Cosmos” incorporates a “two-eyed seeing” approach to learning about the cosmos—incorporating Western science along with Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing.

Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe Winter Games go on despite little snow on the ground
- by WXPR

The Ojibwe Winter Games give Lac du Flambeau students a chance to learn about their culture while having some fun, but a growing concern is how climate change may impact the games.

Waves of Change: Meet Milwaukee Water Commons Co-Executive Director Brenda Coley
- by Great Lakes Now

Waves of Change is an online interview series highlighting the diverse faces and perspectives shaping the environmental justice movement throughout the Great Lakes region.

Wisconsin’s state fish tops the food chain
- by James Proffitt

More anglers are targeting muskie and spending more on the pursuit. Fish populations are thriving in most Great Lakes states due to a combination of factors.

Harris announces $5.8 billion for water infrastructure projects, says clean water is a right
- by The Associated Press

The Biden administration announced that states will share $5.8 billion in federal funds for water infrastructure projects around the country.

As some push for repeal, state seeks input on renewable energy siting law
- by Interlochen Public Radio

Michigan is tackling implementation of a law that approves large renewable projects, and they’re hoping public input will guide the process.

Big Fish and Gray Skies
- by GLN Editor

Great Lakes muskellunge, optimizing solar panels for snow, and another short winter.

I Speak for the Fish: Bringing muskie to the masses
- by Kathy Johnson, Great Lakes Now

The goal of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources muskellunge rearing program is to stock 40,000 new fish into the Great Lakes each year. But their challenges are real.

Teachers and scientists work together on the Lake Guardian 
- by Lisa John Rogers, Great Lakes Now

Each summer, 15 educators join the EPA on a research trip around one of the Great Lakes. Applications for next summer are due February 19.

Warm winters are a wet blanket for small ski slopes in northern Michigan
- by Interlochen Public Radio

For businesses that depend on snow and cold temperatures, this weather has been tough.

Want a healthy walleye fishery? Stock some muskie
- by Kathy Johnson, Great Lakes Now

Michigan Muskie Alliance founder William Schultz finds that lakes with the best walleye fisheries across the country are also the best spots for muskie, and it’s not a coincidence.

Cleveland, Cuyahoga County leaders urge EPA to finalize federal clean car standards
- by Ideastream Public Media

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb and Cuyahoga County Executive Chris Ronayne called on the EPA to finalize proposed federal clean car standards for new vehicles.