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Michigan plastics company forced to probe PFAS contamination, cover costs
- by Bridge Michigan

The legal settlement with Asahi Kasei Plastics North America over PFAS at its Brighton plant comes as Attorney General Dana Nessel pursues lawsuits against a host of companies tied to Michigan’s PFAS crisis.

Road Salt, A Stealthy Pollutant, Is Damaging Michigan Waters
- by Circle of Blue

Rivers and lakes are becoming saltier while law and practice limit effective responses.

Energy News Roundup: Gas stove debate, electric vehicle expansion
- by Kathy Johnson

Catch the latest in Great Lakes energy news in Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

Book chronicles human, water connection from nomadic to modern times
- by Gary Wilson

The journey of modern man began 10,000 years ago and “the distribution of water defined its starting point.”

Science Says What? Climate change, deluges and snow days
- by Sharon Oosthoek

In this new feature, see what scientists are learning about the impacts of climate change on the region – and what can be done to mitigate them.

Mapping the Great Lakes: Snowfall in the snowbelt
- by Alex Hill

Another environmental oddity of the Great Lakes region is the existence of snowbelts or large areas impacted by lake effect snow.

Smart Sewers and Sunken Aircraft – Episode 2301
- by GLN Editor

A high-tech solution for sewage and recovering WWII aircraft from Lake Michigan.

Nibi Chronicles: “The trees of our homeland”
- by Staci Lola Drouillard

The Ojibwe word for the paper birch is wiigwaasi-mitig — or Nimishoomis wiigwaas — Grandfather Birch.

Multi-state group prepares Great Lakes basin for effects of climate change
- by Michigan Radio

The Great Lakes Commission has a plan to guide the states and provinces surrounding the Great Lakes toward protecting their communities from the climate-change damage.

Michigan winters are super cloudy and getting worse. Here’s how to deal.
- by Bridge Michigan

Blame the Great Lakes and climate change for Michigan’s dreary winters.

PFAS News Roundup: New requirements taking effect in 2023 to protect consumers from ‘forever chemicals’
- by Kathy Johnson

Catch the latest updates on what’s happening with PFAS in this biweekly headline roundup.

I Speak for the Fish: And the survey says…
- by Kathy Johnson

Doom and gloom coverage of the Great Lakes’ underwater realm has unfairly skewed the public’s perception.