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EMU to test campus wastewater for COVID-19
- by The Associated Press

The testing, part of the school’s return-to-campus plan, is intended to track the presence of the coronavirus in wastewater flowing from residence halls and apartment complexes.

Relocated Isle Royale wolves form groups, reduce moose herd
- by The Associated Press

“They’re having no trouble finding and preying on moose, and that’s really significant,” said wildlife ecologist Rolf Peterson.

In Perpetuity: Toxic Great Lakes sites will require attention for generations to come
- by Gary Wilson

Capping has become a popular form of remediation for contaminated sites but requires decades-long monitoring.

Great Lakes Energy News Roundup: Wisconsin utility shutoffs postponed, Lake Erie wind farm, Minnesota mine legal win
- by Ian Wendrow

Catch the latest in Great Lakes energy news in Great Lakes Now’s fortnightly headline roundup.

30 in Their Thirties: Great Lakes Now host makes the list
- by GLN Editor

“Getting acknowledged like this is a really big honor,” GLN host Ward Detwiler said.

In Michigan, rising lake levels disturb sacred ground
- by Circle of Blue

Along Lake Michigan’s shores, rising waters are eroding Indigenous Odawa burial sites.

DNR: Avoid eating deer livers in Marinette area
- by The Associated Press

The Marinette area has been grappling with PFAS pollution in ground and drinking water for several years.

Across the U.S., millions of people are drinking unsafe water. How can we fix that?
- by Ensia

Aging infrastructure, legacy pollution and emerging contaminants are creating a growing urgency to pay attention to the quality of the water we drink.

Complete Eradication: Researchers look at removing sea lamprey from the Great Lakes
- by Andrew Blok

Control efforts have been so successful that some researchers now suggest a more permanent solution.

Residents near flood-ravaged dams could be paying for years
- by The Associated Press

People near Wixom and Sanford lakes in Midland and Gladwin counties could pay thousands of dollars per year for 40 years.

Blue Jeans Blues: Researchers find denim microfibers in Great Lakes
- by Sharon Oosthoek

The problem, which goes beyond synthetic fabrics, is one that some in the fashion industry are trying to solve.

One Old, One New: Teen project finds meteorite fragments in Lake Michigan
- by Natasha Blakely

In a live update, students and researchers shared two major finds from The Aquarius Project’s years-long attempt to find the meteorite.