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Fighting invasive species on one island led to plan for all
- by GLN Editor

Michigan researchers recently created a series of steps to show people how to rid Great Lakes islands of plants and animals that invade their ecosystems.

Deja Vu: Will threat of westward water trains prompt action by Great Lakes governors?
- by Gary Wilson

The issue of Great Lakes water diversions comes back to the forefront with a recent attempt by a Minnesota company to look into diverting water to Colorado.

Great Lakes Energy News Roundup: Line 5 pipeline updates in Ohio, Wis. and Minn., and some renewables face uncertain future
- by Ian Wendrow

Catch the latest in Great Lakes energy news in Great Lakes Now’s fortnightly energy-related headline roundup.

Hundreds of waterways added to Minnesota list of impaired waters
- by The Associated Press

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has added 581 waterways to its list of impaired waters in its biennial report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released Wednesday.

Judge allows lawsuit seeking action on Lake Erie algae
- by The Associated Press

A federal judge in Ohio says an environmental group pushing for mandatory regulations to prevent toxic algae blooms on Lake Erie can move forward with its lawsuit.

Report shows mixed results on Great Lakes lamprey control
- by The Associated Press

Populations of fish-killing sea lamprey remain at near-historic lows in Lakes Michigan and Ontario but are above target levels in Lakes Huron, Superior and Erie, according to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission.

PFAS at Niagara Falls airbase
- by GLN Editor

The Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station ranks seventh on a list of the 100 U.S. military sites most contaminated with PFAS, according to a report issued by the Environmental Working Group.

Ohio ranks high in hazardous dams needing work
- by The Associated Press

A two-year investigation by The Associated Press found that Ohio has the fifth highest number of dams rated in poor or unsatisfactory condition among the 45 states and Puerto Rico that complied with the AP’s public records requests.

Dow agrees to $77M environmental settlement in Michigan
- by The Associated Press

Dow Chemical Co. has agreed to fund environmental restoration projects worth an estimated $77 million to compensate for decades of pollution by its plant in Midland, Michigan, officials said Friday.

Balloon Effect: Survey highlights Great Lakes’ balloon pollution problem
- by Sharon Oosthoek

The survey has found 1,500 balloon fragments on local beaches since June, putting wildlife at risk when they mistake them for food or become entangled in string.

”Bells Chime 29 Times”: Detroit Mariners’ Church continues its annual memorial service
- by Natasha Blakely

The Edmund Fitzgerald sinking is one of the better-known tragedies of the Great Lakes. On the anniversary, the Mariners’ Church in Detroit will hold a service in honor of the freighter crew and others lost on the Great Lakes.

Funding Boost: Michigan, Ohio senators secure increase for federal Great Lakes restoration program
- by Natasha Blakely

Michigan Sen. Gary Peters worked with Ohio Sen. Rob Portman for the additional $9 million for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget.