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Oscoda residents say ‘enough’ after 9 years of PFAS with no cleanup plan
- by GLNeditor

Representatives from a number of Michigan communities—Oscoda, Flint, Detroit and Belmont among them—gathered on Wednesday to call on the U.S. Air Force for action on PFAS cleanup.

Voters on Pollution: New poll says northwest Ohio voters support CAFOs crackdown
- by James Proffitt

The poll, released by the Environmental Law & Policy Center, follows a study that was released by the center in May showing that concentrated animal feeding operations were a major source of nutrient pollution in Lake Erie.

Trump administration drops Obama-era water protection rule
- by The Associated Press

The Trump administration on Thursday revoked an Obama-era regulation that shielded many U.S. wetlands and streams from pollution but was opposed by developers and farmers who said it hurt economic development and infringed on property rights.

Great Lakes Energy News Roundup: Ohio House Bill 6, copper-nickel mines in Minnesota, new natural gas plant in Wisconsin and new support for Line 5
- by Ian Wendrow

Catch the latest in Great Lakes energy news in Great Lakes Now’s fortnightly energy-related headline roundup.

Democrats step on shaky political ground with fracking bans
- by The Associated Press

An all-out prohibition on fracking— backed by Sens. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — has been well received by the liberal and climate-focused voters closely watching the primary. But the proposal also threatens to antagonize unions and voters in areas like Pennsylvania that depend on oil and gas for jobs.

Lake Water to Tap Water: Making Great Lakes water drinkable is not easy
- by James Proffitt

The process to turn Great Lakes water into municipal drinking water involves many steps, including preventing harmful algal blooms from contaminating the water with toxins.

Lacking Management: Michigan auditor cites lack of updates or formal processes as impediment to recovery of Detroit and Rouge rivers
- by Gary Wilson

A report released by Michigan’s auditor general says Michigan’s Office of the Great Lakes failed to update key action plans, engaged in informal processes and improperly granted money.

Michigan wolf captured, flown to Isle Royale
- by The Associated Press

The second year of the National Park Service’s wolf relocation project has kicked off with the transfer of a wolf from Michigan’s mainland to Isle Royale.

West Michigan residents fear coal ash contaminating drinking water wells
- by Energy News Network

State environmental officials are reviewing claims by multiple West Michigan residents that a coal ash storage site near Lake Michigan is contaminating drinking water wells.

Lake Superior lighthouse sold to tech exec for $159K
- by The Associated Press

The U.S. General Services Administration has brought in around $7.5 million from selling historic lighthouses over the past two decades.

Great Lakes Water Withdrawals: What’s happening in Wisconsin with Foxconn?
- by Natasha Blakely

Part of the Foxconn controversy comes from what was initially a $10 billion investment, a Gen 10 factory and 13,000 jobs but is now 1,500 jobs and a Gen 6 factory.

Crews doing final cleanup work on Michigan UP’s Manistique River
- by The Associated Press

More than 2,000 dump truck loads of sediment are being removed from the Manistique River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which was contaminated with industrial waste during the last century.