Mapping the Great Lakes

Check out this monthly Great Lakes Now feature created by Alex B. Hill

Mapping the Great Lakes: Where to find your sugar maples
- by Alex Hill

Tapping maple trees for their syrup has been a Great Lakes region tradition for a long time – Indigenous groups on both sides of the lakes have been sugaring maple trees for thousands of years.

Mapping the Great Lakes: Lighthouse search
- by Alex Hill

The Great Lakes coastline is practically outlined in lighthouses, many of which now serve as historical sites and vacation rentals.

Mapping the Great Lakes: What’s in a Great Lakes name?
- by Alex Hill

What really makes a region? Is it geographic boundaries, interdependent economics, cultural connectivity or a general shared sense of place?

Mapping the Great Lakes: Find the wind turbine clusters around the region
- by Alex Hill

Many areas in the Great Lakes region hold a large number of wind turbines, and significant plans to increase funding for alternative energy programs are underway in the U.S. and Canada.

Mapping the Great Lakes: Find out if Lake Huron water ends up in your faucet
- by Alex Hill

Where do we get our water? It’s a critically important and highly regulated question, yet it took some digging to find the answers.

Mapping the Great Lakes: Defining the region … with three maps
- by Alex Hill

Explore this map of the Great Lakes region and the different ways to interpret what it means to be part of the Great Lakes.