The Catch: News about the Lakes You Love

Keep up with the Great Lakes’ biggest issues. Find out how environmental challenges are impacting your enjoyment of the outdoors and the health of the ecosystem. Go beyond the headlines with reporters from around the region. This new segment in our award-winning PBS program will keep you in the know.

The Catch: Meet the author behind “Nibi Chronicles”
- by GLN Editor

“There’s a lot to be learned from Ojibwe history and culture.”

The Catch: Robots Tackle Shoreline Trash
- by GLN Editor

The bots will collect plastic pollution from both the shoreline and the water as part of a larger binational effort called the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup initiative.

The Catch: The Latest on Enbridge Line 3
- by GLN Editor

Enbridge is facing government action and criminal charges stemming from violations during the construction of the Line 3 pipeline in Northern Minnesota.

The Catch: Secrets of Lake Mendota
- by GLN Editor

It’s believed to be the oldest canoe ever discovered in the Great Lakes region and the second to be found in Lake Mendota.

The Catch: Cruising the Great Lakes
- by GLN Editor

“This past summer was a record-setting year for cruise ships in the Great Lakes, and that’s meant a lot more tourists coming to the region. It’s also meant economic development for cities in the region.”

The Catch: Record Number of Piping Plovers
- by GLN Editor

Of the region’s 72 breeding pairs, 48 were in Michigan, and Michigan’s nests produced a record number of chicks.

The Catch: Why lightning bug population is dimming
- by GLN Editor

The issue is part of a larger problem of declining insect populations in general.

The Catch: New freighter in town
- by GLN Editor

The ship is the first American made bulk cargo carrier constructed on the Great Lakes in nearly 40 years.

The Catch: Historic land transfer
- by GLN Editor

The move marks the first time that land has been returned directly to a tribal entity in the state of New York.

The Catch: Coal ash regulation
- by GLN Editor

“The EPA has indicated that they’re going to take a more active approach going forward with the sites that are regulated under their current rules.”

The Catch: Lincoln Stone Quarry and coal ash
- by Sarah Aie

Environmental lawyers, activists and residents are pushing for this coal ash to be completely removed from the quarry and transported to a safer landfill.

The Catch: Bitcoin mining and coal ash
- by GLN Editor

Housed in a former coal-fired plant, the bitcoin mining operation is energy intensive.