The Catch: News about the Lakes You Love

Keep up with the Great Lakes’ biggest issues. Find out how environmental challenges are impacting your enjoyment of the outdoors and the health of the ecosystem. Go beyond the headlines with reporters from around the region. This new segment in our award-winning PBS program will keep you in the know.

The Catch: A Great Lakes Authority?
- by GLN Editor

Aiming to better coordinate efforts to restore the Great Lakes, promote related educational opportunities, and boost the region’s economic prospects, an Ohio legislator crafted a bill to create a federal Great Lakes Authority.

The Catch: Climate Change and Your Allergies
- by GLN Editor

If you already suffer from seasonal allergies, get ready for more severe symptoms as the Great Lakes region experiences climate change in the coming decades.

The Catch: Interlochen Public Radio podcast finds ‘[Un]Natural Selection’ in nature
- by GLN Editor

Producer Dan Wanschura says the new series, called “Natural Selection,” includes multiple stories about the relationship between human resource management and the natural world.

The Catch: A dune moves inland
- by GLN Editor

Reporter Joseph S. Pete of the Times of Northwest Indiana joins Great Lakes Now to further explain why a sand dune is moving, what it means for visitors and ecosystems, and what park officials are doing about it.

The Catch: Benton Harbor’s lead pipes and the plan to replace them
- by GLN Editor

Reporter Leonard Fleming at The Detroit News has been covering the story, and he joins Great Lakes Now for this segment to further explain the issues and impact in the west Michigan city.

The Catch: Benton Harbor, Indiana Dunes National Park, shoreline armoring
- by Natasha Blakely

Great Lakes Now introduced a new segment in Episode 2203 – The Catch.