The Catch: Why lightning bug population is dimming

The Catch: Why lightning bug population is dimming
October 14, 2022 GLN Editor

Broadcasting in our monthly PBS television program, The Catch is a Great Lakes Now series that brings you more news about the lakes you love. Go beyond the headlines with reporters from around the region who cover the lakes and drinking water issues. Find all the work HERE.

This month, The Catch features why lightning bugs are in trouble.

Head to Chicago where Daily Herald Climate Reporter Jenny Whidden is looking into the causes of lightning bug population declines. Whidden says the issue is part of a larger problem of declining insect populations in general, and offers some suggestions on what to do to help attract and protect lightning bugs in your own backyard.

Whidden said a solution people are looking into is widespread conservation.

“One of the most important things you can do is planting native plants in your yard because that’s really where these insects thrive,” she said.

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Featured image: Lightning bug populations are in decline due to habitat loss, light pollution and pesticide use. (Photo Credit: Radim Schreiber)


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