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I Speak for the Fish: And the survey says…
- by Kathy Johnson

Doom and gloom coverage of the Great Lakes’ underwater realm has unfairly skewed the public’s perception.

Energy News Roundup: Community programs to provide solar for low-income residents in Illinois, Ohio
- by Kathy Johnson

Catch the latest in Great Lakes energy news in Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

‘Circular economy’ programs aim to reduce waste and build jobs
- by Institute for Nonprofit News

Programs find new life for items including rejected carrots, NFL banners, and discarded clothing.

Join Bridge, Circle of Blue to discuss Michigan lawmakers’ water priorities
- by Bridge Michigan

On Jan. 25, Bridge Michigan environment reporter Kelly House will moderate a Zoom discussion about the priorities for water in the 2023 Michigan Legislature.

These 3 Detroit restaurants are tackling climate change in the kitchen
- by Institute for Nonprofit News

Food waste is a leading contributor of greenhouse gases. These Detroit restaurants are finding creative – and tasty – ways to reduce their contribution.

Scientists: Atmospheric carbon might turn lakes more acidic
- by The Associated Press

The Great Lakes have endured a lot the past century, from supersized algae blobs to invasive mussels and bloodsucking sea lamprey.

Michigan Democrats aiming to erase business friendly environmental laws
- by Bridge Michigan

From polluter pay laws to plastic bag bans, Democrats and environmental advocates hope to reverse Republican-passed laws.

Study: Toxic PFAS chemical plume detected in Green Bay
- by The Associated Press

Toxic chemicals produced by a plant that manufactures firefighting foam has seeped through groundwater to Lake Michigan’s Green Bay.

Great Lakes Moment: The great blue herons of Stony Island
- by John Hartig

It can be quite unsettling to hear the unexpected “frahnk frahnk” of a startled great blue heron who just had its fishing expedition disrupted.

PFAS News Roundup: 3M says it will stop making ‘forever chemicals’ by 2025, but global problem remains
- by Kathy Johnson

Catch the latest updates on what’s happening with PFAS in this biweekly headline roundup.

Shrinking Winter Update: Researching ice coverage, documenting Great Lakes life
- by GLN Editor

This episode aired in February and was one of our favorites this year, so we brought it back around with updates.

Biden’s signature advances major projects in water bill
- by The Associated Press

Biden signed a bill that directs the Army Corps of Engineers on infrastructure projects to protect against storms worsened by climate change.

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