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Plastic debris is getting into the Great Lakes, our drinking water, and our food
- by Michigan Radio

Watershed cleanups are popular ways of dealing with local plastic pollution, but once large plastic trash disintegrates into microplastics, they’re nearly impossible to pick up.

Wolf takes next step to start carbon emissions caps in 2022
- by The Associated Press

Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration on Tuesday solidified its intention to begin imposing a price on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants next year as part of a multi-state consortium.

Clean megaprojects divide surprise group: environmentalists
- by The Associated Press

While environmental groups agree on the need for clean power sources, there are deep disputes about the wisdom of projects that will impose their own impact on the environment.

Company begins replacing underwater cables damaged by anchor
- by The Associated Press

A ship anchor in April 2018 struck three of American Transmission Co.’s six cables, which moved electricity between the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula.

‘The middle of a massive contamination’: Residents of Wisconsin region struggle with aftereffects of dangerous ‘forever chemicals’

Four years after a facility disclosed water contamination in the surrounding community, residents and locals deal with the impact of PFAS.

Chemical Impact: Microplastic pollution more complex than we think, says new research
- by Sharon Oosthoek

Microplastics act like a chemical sponge, soaking up contaminants such as persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals. Those chemicals, in turn, appear to be causing deformities in larval fish.

Great Lakes Moment: Walleye frenzy on the Detroit River
- by John Hartig

Each spring, as many as 10 million walleye leave the deeper areas of Lake Erie and ascend the Detroit River in search of rocky substrates to spawn on, creating a fishing frenzy known throughout North America.

Hold on! 240-pound fish, age 100, caught in Detroit River
- by The Associated Press

The 240-pound, nearly 7-foot-long sturgeon, assumed to be a female, was quickly released back into the river after being weighed and measured.

Tsunamis caused by air pressure could resuspend Great Lakes contaminants
- by Great Lakes Echo

Researchers are trying to figure out if climate change will increase the number of meteotsunamis in the summer.

Oil pipeline disputes raise tensions between U.S. and Canada
- by The Associated Press

Enbridge, with the support of Canadian officials who say Line 5 is essential to their economy, is resisting Gov. Whitmer’s order to shut down the pipeline. The disagreement comes months after U.S. President Joe Biden upset Canada by canceling the Keystone XL oil pipeline project.

Supreme Court affirms block of key PolyMet mine permit
- by The Associated Press

The court said the state Department of Natural Resources should have set a fixed period for the permit to mine, rather than leaving it open-ended.

Great Lakes Sanctuaries: Two more National Marine Sanctuaries in the region see the finish line
- by Natasha Blakely

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary should be joined by two other sanctuaries – in lakes Ontario and Michigan – within the next few years.

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