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Court rejects Nestle plan for bottled water pump building
- by The Associated Press

The Michigan Court of Appeals sided against a Nestle water bottling company Tuesday in a dispute over a pumping facility needed for a significant expansion of its operation.

Great Lakes Moment: U.S. Rep. John Conyers Jr., civil rights champion and supporter of clean environment for all
- by John Hartig

In this month’s column, Great Lakes Now writer John Hartig talks about knowing and working with the late Rep. John Conyers on environmental and conservation issues in Detroit.

Great Lakes Energy News Roundup: Ohio nuclear plants rebranding, Enbridge rock sampling complete, cancelled green projects in Ontario
- by Ian Wendrow

Catch the latest in Great Lakes energy news in Great Lakes Now’s fortnightly energy-related headline roundup.

#25DaysofFishmas: This holiday season, follow Dr. Katfish and the Great Lakes fish she loves
- by Sandra Svoboda

A Notre Dame graduate student is scaling up her social media to school us about freshwater fish and the Great Lakes.

Lacking Backing: Further action on Plan 2014 dependent on more funding
- by Natasha Blakely

Flooding and high water levels have the International Joint Commission taking an early look at its water management plan. Meanwhile, New York is suing over the water damage.

Great Lakes Fishery: The start of the industry and the fall of fish populations
- by James Proffitt

The history of fishing, particularly commercial fishing, in the Great Lakes is a story of the rise, fall and return of native fish populations.

“Dream Big”: Diving the five lakes in 24 hours, from the perspective of one of the divers
- by Natasha Blakely

Meaghan Gass, a southern Illinois native, was one of the 14 women who participated in the Professional Association of Diving Instructors’ Women’s Dive Day by diving all five Great Lakes in one day.

Big Five Dive: Filming 24 hours of a Great Lakes scuba adventure
- by Sandra Svoboda

What started as a “crazy idea” became a documentary film about diving, friendship, challenge and spreading appreciation for the Great Lakes. Hear from the producer of “Big Five Dive,” the story of 14 women who dove all five lakes in 24 hours.

In the Waters – Episode 8
- by GLN Editor

Politics, economics, recreation and science are all part of the latest episode of Great Lakes…

Future water options for Joliet, Illinois, cost $300 million to $1 billion
- by The Associated Press

Joliet officials are mulling future water-supply options that could cost over $1 billion if they choose to build a pipeline to Lake Michigan.

Study links Asian carp with Mississippi River fish drop
- by The Associated Press

Sport fish have declined significantly in portions of the Upper Mississippi River infested with Asian carp, adding evidence to fears about the invader’s threat to native species, according to a new study.

Low on the List: How did the Great Lakes fare and feature in Canada’s 2019 federal election?
- by Andrew Reeves

High water levels and plastic pollution were two Great Lakes issues brought up in the run up to the election.

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