PFAS News Roundup: UW-Stevens Point researchers look to plants to solve PFAS contamination

PFAS News Roundup: UW-Stevens Point researchers look to plants to solve PFAS contamination
February 28, 2024 Kathy Johnson, Great Lakes Now

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Critics: Bill cutting protections from PFAS toxic chemicals a step backward for Indiana — IndyStar 

Hoosier lawmakers are advancing a bill to change the definition of PFAS — but only in Indiana. In other words, chemicals deemed harmful in every other state will no longer be considered dangerous in Indiana. 


EGLE confirms metals, PFAS among those spilled into Bear Creek in Warren — ClickOnDetroit 

 EGLE said the first round of samples from the creek and a former plating facility revealed the chemicals included metals and PFAS.

Second round of samples from Bear Creek release confirm elevated levels of some contaminants, but no risk to human health— State of Michigan 

The second round of water samples taken from Bear Creek near a plating company responsible for a chemical release to the creek confirms the presence of PFAS, cyanide and heavy metals downstream from the release.  

PFAS cleanup, regulation a sticking point for many Michigan voters — WDET  

 PFAS chemicals were used for decades in many products, from non-stick pans to firefighting foam. And those chemicals remain in the environment. 

A $160 million federal grant aims to remove contaminants, including PFAS, from the Great Lakes — Audacy, KNX News 

Concerning substances nicknamed “forever chemicals” may be nearly everywhere, but there is work being done to actually remove them from wastewater. These efforts are being funded in part by a $160 million grant from the National Science Foundation. 



We’re addicted to PFAS. Can we adapt to live without? — Grand Haven Tribune 

 Over the past two years, 3M sold nearly 25,000 different products that contain PFAS, the “forever chemicals” that will soon be largely illegal in Minnesota. 



Evers signals he won’t sign bill to fight PFAS as legislative session nears end — AP News 

Gov. Tony Evers signaled Wednesday that he has no intention of signing a Republican bill that would spend tens of millions of dollars to address pollution from the so-called forever chemicals known as PFAS because it dramatically scales back regulators’ enforcement authority.  

GOP bill would let standards move forward for PFAS in groundwater — Wisconsin Public Radio 

GOP lawmakers are introducing a bill that aims to restart the process for setting standards for toxic forever chemicals in groundwater after state environmental regulators were forced to abandon regulations late last year. 

Gov. DeWine rolls out program to help fire departments remove PFAS — Spectrum News 

Gov. DeWine has launched a program to help fire departments safely dispose of PFAS. 

UW-Stevens Point researchers look to plants to solve PFAS contamination — Spectrum News 

Wisconsin researchers are leading the way in studying a “natural” way to solve PFAS contaminations to better protect our water supply. 



PFAS forever chemicals: Quest Diagnostics announces new blood test — news-journalonline.com 

High levels of PFAS have been linked to ulcerative colitis, diagnosed high cholesterol, thyroid disease, testicular cancer, kidney cancer, low birthweight babies and pregnancy-induced hypertension, although studies are inconclusive and still ongoing. Now you can get tested for PFAS exposure without your healthcare provider asking for it. 

EPA Proposes to List PFAS as Hazardous Waste Under Resources Conservation and Recovery Act — JD Supra 

The US Environmental Protection Agency proposed changing the Resources Conservation and Recovery Act to include nine per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to the list of hazardous substances.  

PFAS ’forever chemicals’ are getting into ocean ecosystems, where dolphins, fish and manatees dine — Greenwich Time 

PFAS, that have been raising health concerns across the country, are not just a problem in drinking water. 

New NIST Database of ‘Forever Chemicals’ Will Help Scientists Monitor Environmental Pollution — National Institute of Standards and Technology 

Governmental agencies and environmental organizations are increasingly monitoring PFAS, but there are thousands of different chemical structures of PFAS with only a small fraction that can be measured with high confidence.  

Lawsuit accuses EPA of withholding ‘forever chemicals’ data — E&E News 

Two advocacy groups are suing EPA over claims it withheld data regarding the risks of “forever chemicals” in millions of fluorinated plastic barrels. 

Treating Water With Electron Beams May Be a Good Way of Removing Forever Chemicals: Study — The Weather Channel 

Even when dumped into landfills, PFAS were extremely adept at resisting degradation via natural processes. And when rain pours down, they eventually make their way into our water bodies, and then, us. 

New study reveals diet link to PFAS ’forever chemicals’ in human body — The Guardian 

US research shows foods such as butter and processed meat are likely to increase levels of toxic PFAS in blood over time. 

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