PFAS News Roundup: CDC encourages doctors to start testing for PFAS

PFAS News Roundup: CDC encourages doctors to start testing for PFAS
February 13, 2024 Kathy Johnson, Great Lakes Now

Keep up with PFAS-related developments in the Great Lakes area with Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.  

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PFAS contamination has grown in Michigan to the point that some Michiganders say … — Michigan Radio 

Michiganders have been talking about what kind of presidential leadership they would like to see on “forever chemicals.” 

PFAS, clean energy and EVs get funding in Whitmer budget plan, but enviros want transit prioritized — Michigan Advance 

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer released her sixth executive budget recommendation, drawing praise from environmental advocates for supporting clean energy and water infrastructure, mixed responses on housing investments and calls for more funding for transit. 


New York 

Chemical pollution victims in NY could get justice thanks to new bill — Democrat and Chronicle 

Victims who’ve experienced significant contamination from PFAS could more easily sue manufacturers of the harmful substances, thanks to newly proposed legislation in New York. 

New York legislators are renewing calls to stop the use of PFAS in everyday products — WSHU 

Lawmakers and advocates gathered at the New York state Capitol to renew calls for legislation to control harmful PFAS chemicals. 


Dayton will spend millions to reduce PFAS levels in drinking water — WYSO 

Dayton sells water to about 400,000 people making it all the more important to reduce so-called forever chemicals in that supply. 



Pennsylvania lawmakers propose bill to ban PFAS in certain products — ABC27 

Three Pennsylvania lawmakers have proposed a bill that would prohibit the use of PFAS in certain products. 

Study finds high levels of harmful chemicals in Pittsburgh’s rivers — CBS News 

A study found high levels of harmful chemicals in Pittsburgh’s rivers. 



CDC encouraging doctors to test blood for PFAS – commonly known as forever chemicals WDBJ 

The CDC has released new guidance for dealing with PFAS, the potentially cancer-causing chemicals found in many waterways. 

Our blood is teeming with “forever chemicals.” Can we remove them by donating blood? — Salon 

Firefighters are exposed to a lot of hazards — not just smoke and fire. One of the most perilous risks in firefighting can be somewhat invisible: so-called “forever chemicals.” 

Study finds alarmingly high levels of “forever chemicals” in small estuaries — People’s World 

A new study has discovered that small coastal estuaries contain concentrations of PFAS high enough to indicate a worldwide issue. 

Are forever chemicals in makeup, fast-food wrappers? Here’s what our tests say — Ideastream Public Media 

This is part of a special report on forever chemical contamination in Ohio. 

New Zealand to ban PFAS ’forever chemicals’ in cosmetics in 2026 — The Guardian 

PFAS are added to cosmetics to smooth the skin, or to make cosmetic products more durable, spreadable and water resistant.  

Unwrapping the Complexity of PFAS in Packaging — Packaging World 

As evidence of the harmful health and environmental effects of PFAS grows, companies need to make informed decisions to limit the substances’ presence in their operations. 

House committee approves bills to weaken clean water protections — Environment America 

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee voted to approve six bills that would roll back clean water protections — including one that would allow facilities to release PFAS and other chemicals into waterways, even if those pollutants are not listed in their permits. 

Biden-Harris Administration Announces New Steps to Protect Communities from PFAS and Other Emerging Chemicals of Concern — Environmental Protection Agency 

Proposed rules would better enable regulators to address PFAS under the nation’s hazardous waste law to protect families across the nation. 

PFAS: No forever exemptions for forever chemicals — NRDC 

The goal is safer and better solutions, so any exemptions from laws and regulations restricting PFAS must be temporary. 

The EPA is proposing that ‘forever chemicals’ be considered hazardous substances — NPR 

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing that nine PFAS chemicals be categorized as hazardous to human health. 

PFAS “Forever Chemicals” Are Being Spread on World’s Ski Slopes — Technology Networks 

Fourteen different types of PFAS have been found in soils at family skiing spots in the Austrian Alps, at levels far higher than in areas not normally used for skiing. 

DoD Identifies Additional Locations for Interim PFAS Cleanup Actions — Department of Defense 

The Department of Defense released the names of more than 30 installations and National Guard facilities where interim PFAS cleanup actions are underway or will start in Fiscal Year 2024. 

Keep PFAS out of your sex life — Environmental Health News 

New testing finds evidence of “forever chemicals” in two types of condoms and one lubricant. The good news? The vast majority appear PFAS-free. 

Teabags and Processed Meats May Be Key Dietary Sources of PFAS — Technology Networks 

Less tea and meat may be one way of reducing your intake of “forever chemicals.” 

EPA reveals more evidence of widespread ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water — Environmental Working Group 

President Joe Biden promised in 2020 to set a PFAS drinking water standard as part of his campaign’s plan to secure environmental justice.

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