WATCH: Harmful algal blooms with Michigan Radio

WATCH: Harmful algal blooms with Michigan Radio
September 11, 2023 Great Lakes Now

The Catch featured an ongoing and serious concern is back in Lake Erie: harmful algal blooms. The blooms exist throughout the Great Lakes, but are especially pervasive in the western basin of Lake Erie.

The blooms cause concern because they are bacterial and can release toxins once they pop at the surface of the water. The toxins are dangerous to humans and animals and can become airborne. Numerous studies have been done to investigate what can be done to stop or lower the spread of these blooms.

“The U.S. EPA and the state of Ohio have agreed that they will lower the phosphorus content that gets into the lake by 40 percent over the next several years,” Lester Graham, of Michigan Radio said. While the phosphorus that comes from fertilizer is one part of the pollutants that create the blooms in the lake, there are other causes too.

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Featured image: Harmful algal blooms. (Photo Credit: GLN) 


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