Waves of Change: Meet herbalist and forager Monica Cady

Waves of Change: Meet herbalist and forager Monica Cady
October 30, 2023 Great Lakes Now

Waves of Change is a new online interview series highlighting the diverse faces and perspectives shaping the environmental justice movement throughout the Great Lakes region.

This month, we spoke with Monica Cady, a member of the Sault Tribe of Chippewa who is a forager and herbalist living in Hessel, Michigan — a place that is part of her tribe’s ancestral homelands in what is now known as Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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“By protecting the plants and learning about them, it is my way to decolonize, reclaim and rewild the land and learn what my ancestors ate,” she said.

As far as environmental justice and herbalism, Cady forages completely sustainably.

“I aim to be very low-impact and do everything in season,” she said. “You can’t even tell I’ve been there.”

You can find Cady on Instagram @Chanziwi.

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Featured image: Herbalist and forager Monica Cady. (Photo Credit: GLN) 


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