Eat Your Heartland Out: You, Too, Can Be a Galley Steward

Eat Your Heartland Out: You, Too, Can Be a Galley Steward
August 29, 2023 Capri S. Cafaro

Eat Your Heartland Out is a Taste Awards nominated  program about the intersection of food and culture in the American Midwest. The show is produced by the Heritage Radio Network, a leader in culinary audio storytelling and distributed on the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), which provides content to public radio affiliates across the United States. The show has aired on select NPR affiliates across the Midwest, and can be found every Sunday at 7pm E on Sirius XM Channel 147/Rural Radio. Eat Your Heartland Out is hosted by cookbook author and television personality Capri S. Cafaro. Cafaro is a contributor to Great Lakes Now as well as a Folkways Corps reporter for Inside Appalachia from West Virginia Public Radio.  

Chef Les Eckert,  Culinary Director of the Great Lakes Culinary Institute in chef, shares the details behind the Institute’s launch of its first ever Maritime Culinary Certificate in this special episode.  This one year program gives students real world experience to become a chef aboard a ship or freighter.


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Featured image: Photo Courtesy of Capri Cafaro 


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