Eat Your Heartland Out: Fish Feast

Eat Your Heartland Out: Fish Feast
July 27, 2023 Capri S. Cafaro

Eat Your Heartland Out is a Taste Awards nominated  program about the intersection of food and culture in the American Midwest. The show is produced by the Heritage Radio Network, a leader in culinary audio storytelling and distributed on the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), which provides content to public radio affiliates across the United States. The show has aired on select NPR affiliates across the Midwest, and can be found every Sunday at 7pm E on Sirius XM Channel 147/Rural Radio. Eat Your Heartland Out is hosted by cookbook author and television personality Capri S. Cafaro. Cafaro is a contributor to Great Lakes Now as well as a Folkways Corps reporter for Inside Appalachia from West Virginia Public Radio.  

Fish Feast: Great Lakes Fish as Food celebrates the flavorful and nutritious fish of the Great Lakes. Brandon Schroder, Extension Educator with Michigan Sea Grant and Michigan State Sea Grant programs shares details behind the Great Lakes Fisheries Heritage Trail.  Geneva Langeland, Communications Editor at Michigan Sea Grant, tells us about Freshwater Feast, a website from Michigan Sea Grant that provides recipe ideas and inspiration on how to prepare Great Lakes fish at home.  And, Chef Widad “Wi” Mueller gives us a seat at her chef’s table as she discusses how she uses Great Lakes whitefish and trout with a fusion of flavors at the Ke-wee-naw Mountain Lodge in Copper Harbor, Michigan. 


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Featured image: Photo courtesy of Meagan Roper 


  1. Frank 2 months ago

    Filleted smallmouth bass is excellent too. We eat it fried, like perch–it’s excellent.

  2. Thomas Biecker 2 months ago

    How do I know where these fish are caught. For instance lake st Clair , Sagiaugh bay and south Lake Michigan fish are filled with toxins.

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