PFAS News Roundup: Indiana senators scrap bill that would change definition of polyfluoroalkyl substances in favor of manufacturers

PFAS News Roundup: Indiana senators scrap bill that would change definition of polyfluoroalkyl substances in favor of manufacturers
March 12, 2024 Kathy Johnson, Great Lakes Now

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Manufacturer-friendly PFAS bill abandoned by Indiana Senate committee — Indiana Capital Chronicle

Indiana senators ditched a bill that would have changed the definition of toxic PFAS chemicals to exempt use by manufacturers.

Controversial PFAS definition change left out of Indiana bill that now heads to governor’s desk — Indiana Capital Chronicle

An effort by House lawmakers to change Indiana’s definition of toxic PFAS chemicals was left out of final legislation.



Health Department study: North Kent County residents have high PFAS contamination in blood — Free Press

Those near longtime Wolverine shoe factory that used PFAS compounds for years have higher levels of the contaminants in their water — and their blood. A Department of Heathy and Human Services report found age, gender and other factors contributed to differing PFAS blood levels.



Landfills tackle the challenge of PFAS contamination — Environmental Health News

In an innovative approach, SKB Environmental’s landfill in Rosemount, Minnesota, is experimenting with filtering harmful PFAS chemicals from waste leachate, aiming to neutralize their environmental impact.



Wisconsin lawmakers OK PFAS bill but governor isn’t on board — Wisconsin Law Journal

The Wisconsin state Assembly passed a bill that would unlock $125 million to help municipalities and landowners cope with pollution from so-called forever chemicals. But Gov. Tony Evers isn’t on board.

Wisconsin Conservation Voters: PFAS ‘poison pill’ bill SB 312 is bad legislation deserving of veto — WisPolitics

The Wisconsin Assembly passed Senate Bill 312, which would create a new loophole for PFAS polluters, force private well owners to compete for funding with commercial and industrial properties, and provide no guarantee that any of the $125 million passed in the biennial budget would actually be distributed to impacted communities. The bill would result in PFAS being treated differently than other hazardous substances under Wisconsin’s Spill’s Law.

PFAS trust fund unspent in Wisconsin as Republicans, Democrats feud — Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Republicans and Democrats are still fighting over legislation to address PFAS contaminations, while $125 million remains inaccessible.

Evers again asks Republicans to release $125M to combat PFAS — Spectrum News

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers again asked GOP lawmakers to release to environmental regulators $125 million set aside to deal with PFAS contamination.

Appeals Court affirms decision saying PFAS can’t be regulated under Wisconsin spills law — Wisconsin Examiner

A Wisconsin appeals court ruled Wednesday that the state DNR does not have the authority to regulate PFAS under the spills law. Affirming the decision, issued nearly two years ago, which found regulators must first list PFAS as hazardous substances through the state’s rulemaking process.



Chemours and DuPont Knew About Risks But Kept Making Toxic PFAS Chemicals, UN … — Inside Climate News

A UN human rights panel calls on the UN Environment Assembly to take on “forever chemicals” at a meeting in Nairobi, citing a North Carolina PFAS plant as an example of environmental negligence.

US military says it is immune to dozens of PFAS lawsuits — Reuters

The United States government has asked a federal judge to dismiss more than two dozen lawsuits filed against it for allegedly contaminating water and soil at hundreds of sites near military bases and facilities across the country with toxic “forever chemicals.” The government argues its immunity under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

FDA Announces Nationwide End to PFAS in Grease-Proofed Food Packaging — Food Safety Magazine

A major source of dietary exposure to PFAS from food packaging like fast-food wrappers, microwave popcorn bags, take-out paperboard is being phased out. PFAS are no longer being sold by manufacturers for use in food-contact grease-proofing agents in the U.S.

Lawsuit accuses Kleenex maker Kimberly-Clark of polluting town with PFAS chemicals — NBC News

The lawsuit filed in Connecticut federal court alleges the Kimberly-Clark Company has used PFAS to make tissues.

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