Buffalo and the Great Lakes

Great Lakes Now's coverage of the Queen City.

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Groups hope NY rules get pollutants out of drinking water
- by The Associated Press

New York has also approved maximum contaminant levels for industrial chemicals PFOA and PFOS.

Review Underway: Will IJC’s efforts be enough for flooded shoreline municipalities?
- by Samantha Cantie

Plan 2014 is a water level regulation plan, implemented in January 2017, for the Lake Ontario-St.Lawrence River system.

Shuttered Canada-US border highlights different approaches to the pandemic – and differences between the 2 countries
- by The Conversation

The closure of the U.S.-Canada border because of COVID-19 underscores a growing divide between the two countries.

Locked down along with NYC, upstate areas prepare to reopen
- by The Associated Press

The mountainous corner of upstate New York is under the same statewide lockdown rules as the pandemic-besieged city. That could soon change.

Fishing and Freighters: Great Lakes industries take COVID-19 economic hit
- by Gary Wilson

Lake Erie fishing charters reel from stay at home orders, and lake freighters idle due to industry shutdowns.

Earth Day 2020: How to participate from the safety of your home
- by Natasha Blakely

This year’s Earth Day is a special one, and not just because it’s the 50th anniversary of the event.

From Rust to Resilience: Climate change brings new challenges and opportunities
- by Ensia

Great Lakes Now is sharing work from our partners in a project on what climate change means for Great Lakes cities. Here is the initial piece in the series.

Water for All: Milwaukee, Chicago lead in ensuring water during COVID-19 crisis
- by Gary Wilson

Some Great Lakes cities and states are ahead of the game when it comes to ending water shutoffs during the COVID-19 crisis. Others aren’t.

City of Buffalo lead poisoning plan missing key elements
- by Investigative Post

One missing element: a local law allowing city inspectors access to the interiors of the city’s abundant rental singles and doubles in poor neighborhoods.

House Renewal: A bipartisan-sponsored bill increasing Great Lakes funding passed the U.S. House
- by Natasha Blakely

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative was reauthorized in one chamber of Congress. The bill now awaits approval from the Senate.