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New stamps celebrate NOAA marine sanctuaries’ landscapes and marine life
- by Tynnetta Harris

A Great Lakes national marine sanctuary is included in a new collection of U.S. postage stamps.

Researchers race to understand what lies beneath the Great Lakes
- by Bridge Michigan

Scientists say we have more robust data about the surface of Mars than the floor of the Great Lakes. A new effort spearheaded by academics and government aims to map the entire Great Lakes lakebed.

The Catch: Shoreline shipwrecks
- by GLN Editor

There are thousands of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes, but you don’t need scuba gear to see all of them.

JEWEL OF THE GREAT LAKES: Group battles invasive species
- by The Alpena News

Aquatic invasive species continue to spread and threaten the ecosystem in the waterways near Alpena, local environmental professionals say.

Edmund Fitzgerald 2021: Attend a shipwreck memorial service in person or virtually
- by Natasha Blakely

All around the region this week, events are focused on honoring the lives lost on the SS Edmund Fitzgerald and other Great Lakes ships. Many of these shipwreck services and ceremonies will be streamed live online.

Rogers City museum inducts Lake Huron shipwreck victims, honors lives
- by The Alpena News

The ship broke up in a storm on Lake Huron in late November of 1966 before it could reach the protection of Thunder Bay, killing 28 of the 29 men aboard. Until recently, photos and biographies of only six of the ship’s crew hung on the museum’s walls.

Service held for last survivor of ’58 Great Lakes shipwreck
- by The Associated Press

A memorial Mass has been held in northern Michigan for the last remaining survivor of a Lake Michigan shipwreck that killed 33 people in 1958.

Comments Requested: Lake Ontario marine sanctuary proposal moves forward
- by Noah Bock

NOAA announced a public comment period on the draft environmental impact statement for the proposed Lake Ontario marine sanctuary, including feedback on what areas the sanctuary should include.

NOAA to designate Wisconsin coastline as national sanctuary
- by The Associated Press

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has published the final rule designating the sanctuary.

BEN is back! Autonomous vessel launches into Lake Huron from Rogers City, Michigan
- by The Alpena News

From coast to coast in the U.S., to American Samoa, and back to Lake Huron, the autonomous surface vessel is in Rogers City this month for lake floor mapping.

Marine archaeology research crew up from University of Texas
- by The Alpena News

A trio of researchers who have been studying the Alpena-Amberley Ridge in Lake Huron are joined this month by a group of undergraduate students from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Shifting sand, water again reveal shipwreck from 1880s
- by The Associated Press

A change in Lake Michigan water levels has revealed the shipwreck from the 1880s that is visible in western Michigan for the first time since 2018.

Watch Party: Ships and Shipwrecks
- by GLN Editor

Come aboard a boat that delivers mail to ships on the Great Lakes, learn about life on a Great Lakes…

COVID-19 pushed people outdoors. Michigan’s ski industry is ready for them.
- by Bridge Michigan

Recreational activity skyrocketed in Michigan through spring and summer. Now the state’s snowsports businesses hope they’ll get a similar burst of sales.

The Age of Nature: Series finale ends with hope
- by Natasha Blakely

As “The Age of Nature” documentary concludes its national airings on PBS stations, we find more hope globally and in the Great Lakes region.

What Grows: “Shipwrecks and Ecosystems” watch party for Great Lakes Now and “The Age of Nature”
- by Sandra Svoboda

Whether they’re in oceans or the Great Lakes, shipwrecks create unique ecosystems for a variety of aquatic life.

The Age of Nature: Humanity’s relationship with nature in the Great Lakes region and beyond
- by Natasha Blakely

What are the modern issues affecting nature and what are humans doing about them?

What Grows: Shipwrecks become ecosystems, even at nuclear testing sites
- by GLN Editor

“The Age of Nature” producer Pete Lown spoke with Great Lakes Now about the powerful symbolism of marine life returning to the wrecks in advance of the documentary airing.

Shipwreck Life: How fish and other aquatic species utilize Great Lakes shipwrecks
- by Kathy Johnson

From bass and burbot to freshwater sponge, the kind of ecosystem that forms around Great Lakes shipwrecks are as varied as the thousands of wrecks.

One Old, One New: Teen project finds meteorite fragments in Lake Michigan
- by Natasha Blakely

In a live update, students and researchers shared two major finds from The Aquarius Project’s years-long attempt to find the meteorite.