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PFAS News Roundup: Research suggests link with COVID-19, disposal methods increase contamination
- by Samantha Cantie

Catch the latest updates on what’s happening with PFAS in Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

Drinking Water News Roundup: Well contamination, Montreal distributing lead filters, water protection project grants awarded
- by Emily Simroth

Catch the latest updates on what’s happening with drinking water in Great Lakes Now’s headline roundup.

Sewage Check: Great Lakes researchers look to wastewater for data on COVID-19
- by Sharon Oosthoek

The virus can be detected in infected people’s feces – sometimes even before they begin exhibiting symptoms.

COVID-19 Next Steps: Great Lakes outdoor recreation begins move toward normalcy
- by James Proffitt

Many parks and public areas are opening – with restrictions.

Milwaukee Neighborhood Pushes Toward Climate Resilience

Milwaukee’s Walnut Way neighborhood has gradually transformed from lifeless parcels to green space.

Earth Day 2020: How to participate from the safety of your home
- by Natasha Blakely

This year’s Earth Day is a special one, and not just because it’s the 50th anniversary of the event.

From Rust to Resilience: Climate change brings new challenges and opportunities
- by Ensia

Great Lakes Now is sharing work from our partners in a project on what climate change means for Great Lakes cities. Here is the initial piece in the series.

Water for All: Milwaukee, Chicago lead in ensuring water during COVID-19 crisis
- by Gary Wilson

Some Great Lakes cities and states are ahead of the game when it comes to ending water shutoffs during the COVID-19 crisis. Others aren’t.

Inside Entertainment: COVID-19 has Great Lakes aquariums and museums offering online activities
- by Kathy Johnson

The public can continue to enjoy aquariums, museums and centers as the facilities close buildings. But starting March 25, Parks Canada is closing all national parks.

Who’s in charge: Lack of storage facility oversight puts waterways at risk
- by Gary Wilson

In major lakeside cities around the Great Lakes, there isn’t a clear answer on who handles oversight of industrial storage facilities.

Wisconsin Assembly passes bill to combat PFAS pollution
- by The Associated Press

Assembly Republicans hastily put together a bill addressing PFAS contamination and pushed it through to the Senate early Friday morning, just before adjourning for the year.

Wisconsin Assembly passes bipartisan water quality bills
- by The Associated Press

Ten of the 13 bills passed unanimously. Despite the broad support, it’s not clear whether they all will pass the Republican-controlled Senate which has yet to schedule them for a vote.