Great Lakes Learning: Take to the lakes without a boat

Great Lakes Learning: Take to the lakes without a boat
June 9, 2020 Gary Abud Jr.

As the author of Great Lakes Now’s Collection of Lesson Plans, educational consultant Gary Abud Jr. is now providing more support for parents, teachers and caregivers who want to incorporate Great Lakes learning into their time with children and students. His series of writings can be found HERE along with the lesson plans and a Virtual Field Trip.


As the weather has gotten warmer in the Great Lakes region, boats have come out of storage, and some of us typically get away for long weekends.

But this year will be different. Many people will stay home. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the water altogether, because you can tour the lakes even without a boat.

Using a combination of videos, maps, and interactive digital tools in our Great Lakes Learning collection, here’s how you and your young learners can see the Great Lakes from the comforts of your screen:

Navigate the Waters Yourself

Several of our activities allow you to take your time exploring the Great Lakes virtually. Allow your child to try out one of these opportunities, either alone or along with your help, to:

Watch Great Lakes Now’s segment “The Newest National Park”:

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Featured image: Before the start of the 2019 Trans Superior Race, sailboats go through the Soo Locks. (Photo by Sandra Svoboda)


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