To Swim or Not to Swim: Blue Wave Certification

To Swim or Not to Swim: Blue Wave Certification
September 10, 2012 GLN Editor

Screenshot from video “Huntington Reservation, is the first on Lake Erie to be environmentally certified as a Blue Wave Beach. Blue wave certification is new, created by the Clean Beaches Coalition and comes with a set of ethics and environmental standards- an idea in tune with younger generations. Huntington Reserve is the only beach in the Great Lakes basin to provide real-time water quality data.

If you’re from out of town, and curious about a beach in your area, to coin a phrase there’s an app for that. It’s called my BeachCast. Created by the Great Lakes Commission and Limnotech in Ann Arbor and funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, myBeachCast gives real-time beach data for the entire Great Lakes region.”


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