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This Great Lakes News Collaborative series examines the links between the region’s changing climate, its abundant water and its residents’ health.

The collaborative’s five newsrooms — Bridge Michigan, Circle of Blue, Great Lakes Now, Michigan Public and The Narwhal — are funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

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Waves of Change: Meet activist and We the People of Detroit president Monica Lewis-Patrick
- by Great Lakes Now

Waves of Change is an online interview series highlighting the diverse faces and perspectives shaping the environmental justice movement throughout the Great Lakes region.

Waves of Change: Meet educator and Friends of the Fox River president Gary Swick
- by Great Lakes Now

Waves of Change is an online interview series highlighting the diverse faces and perspectives shaping the environmental justice movement throughout the Great Lakes region.

PFAS News Roundup: PFAS are shown to be unique bipartisan voting concern in Wisconsin

Catch the latest updates on what’s happening with PFAS in this biweekly headline roundup.

Finding creative new ways to manage invasive cattails
- by Lily Stewart, Great Lakes Now

Scientists are thinking holistically about biodiversity, sustainability, and resilience when it comes to the role invasive cattails play in the Great Lakes.

Line 5 activist group wants Gov. Whitmer to “be an advocate” for shutdown
- by Gary Wilson, Great Lakes Now

In a late move, the Department of Justice sides with Canada on continued operation of Line 5, citing treaty and the public’s interest.

Ghostly Grey Specters
- by Andrew Reeves

How unprecedented water levels are fluctuating in the Georgian Bay, impacting the lives of long-standing residents, including humans and trees.

Through a Glass Darkly
- by Sean Ericson, Great Lakes Now

Antidepressants can affect reaction times in fish and birth control gives male specimens female traits. How might pharmaceutical pollution impact life around the Great Lakes?

International nuclear energy expert questions Michigan’s Palisades restart
- by Gary Wilson, Great Lakes Now

Holtec’s lack of nuclear operating experience is cited as a potential issue, and expert Mycle Schneider urges a focus on renewables.

Three Great Lakes commissions announce partnership to advance restoration

First-of-its-kind agreement takes aim at leading threats to Great Lakes region.

“Bad River” documentary combines historical treatment of indigenous people with the fight to protect Lake Superior 
- by Gary Wilson, Great Lakes Now

Filmmaker Mary Mazzio talks about capturing the Bad River Tribe’s fight to shut down Line 5 oil pipeline.

Waves of Change: Meet Milwaukee Water Commons Co-Executive Director Brenda Coley
- by Great Lakes Now

We spoke with Brenda Coley, co-executive director of the urban network and non-profit organization Milwaukee Water Commons.

WATCH: Why Chicago will take decades to replace lead pipes
- by Great Lakes Now

The EPA recently proposed new rules that would remove lead pipes from America’s drinking water infrastructure over the next decade. But with more lead pipes than any other city, Chicago is a notable exception.

The future of water management, with Curt Wolf
- by Lisa John Rogers, Great Lakes Now

After Detroit’s 2021 catastrophic flooding event, new ideas emerged about climate adaptation. Curt Wolf sat down with Great Lakes Now to discuss how the Michigan Center for Freshwater Innovation is bringing solutions to the table by getting everyone to the table.

Study calls for EPA to include human well-being in Great Lakes restoration program
- by Gary Wilson, Great Lakes Now

Historically restoration work focused on measurable ecological outcomes. Researchers make the case to codify human well-being into the process.

Great Lakes Moment: Lest we forget – A history of Detroit River oil pollution
- by John Hartig

Today, the Detroit River is much cleaner, and sentinel wildlife species have returned. It is good to look back at the 1960s pollution of the river, notably oil pollution, and recognize how far we have come.

Waves of Change: Meet Wisconsin Green Muslims founder and director Huda Alkaff
- by Great Lakes Now

We spoke with Huda Alkaff, an ecologist, environmental educator and the founder and director of Wisconsin Green Muslims.

Great Lakes Moment: Ohio provides example for funding Detroit and Rouge rivers’ sediment cleanup
- by John Hartig

Ohio will soon embark on removing the Gorge Dam on the Cuyahoga River. Their approach could be a model for cleaning up contaminated sediments in the Detroit and Rouge rivers.

Great Lakes Now sits down with director of Flint water crisis film “Lead and Copper”
- by Great Lakes Now

William Hart, director of a documentary about the Flint water crisis called “Lead and Copper,” joined Great Lakes Now’s Anna Sysling for a discussion about the film.

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