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Episode 1009: Finding Impacts

On this episode of Great Lakes Now, search for a meteorite on the bottom of Lake Michigan. Learn how a little striped fish might help us understand the health impacts of industrial chemicals on people, and see how a Milwaukee community is UN-developing a river to improve the environment and water quality.

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The Great Lakes Now monthly television program is produced by Detroit Public TV in partnership with a network of PBS affiliates around the region. Shooting on location in eight states and Canada, the magazine-style show brings viewers stories about the recreational, economic, scientific, political and environmental issues related to the Great Lakes and drinking water.

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Latest News from Great Lakes Now

Efficient or Cutting Corners: Trump administration challenges significant environmental law
- by Gary Wilson

The effort to modernize the landmark law has been seen by some as an attempt to bypass climate change considerations. In the Great Lakes region, the changes could have impact on the Line 5 tunnel project and other large lake projects like new locks or dam removals.

Chemical Hitchhikers: Great Lakes microplastics may increase risk of PFAS contaminants in food web
- by Sharon Oosthoek

A University of Illinois analytical chemist found that the chemicals used in non-stick products can stick to microplastic particles in lake water.

PFAS News Roundup: Public input in Michigan, bans on firefighting foam, legislation won’t pass Senate
- by Ric Mixter

Catch the latest updates on what’s happening with PFAS – a group of man-made chemicals flagged as a major contaminant in sources of water across the country – in the Great Lakes region and on a national level in Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

The U.S. House just voted to regulate PFAS. Here’s what you need to know
- by GLN Editor

PBS NewsHour laid out what you need to know about PFAS, what the bill means, what the next step is and what existing resistance there is to this bill and why.

Status Quo: Leadership changed at EPA Great Lakes office but focus is still business and agriculture
- by Gary Wilson

Cathy Stepp has stepped down, and Kurt Thiede will be replacing her as EPA Region 5’s administrator. Under his purview, regulations and the economy will remain a priority.

Lake Erie Algae: 2019 was bad but could have been worse
- by James Proffitt

How did the bloom affect fishing and tourism, what is being done, and what can be done about it?

Great Lakes Energy News Roundup: Wisconsin superfund cleanup, Minnesota court rejects gas plant, six GL states join U.S. Climate Alliance
- by Ian Wendrow

Catch the latest in Great Lakes energy news in Great Lakes Now’s fortnightly energy-related headline roundup.

Show Expansion: Great Lakes Now welcomes its new multimedia producer
- by GLN Editor

Ric Mixter has many years of experience writing about the Great Lakes, producing shows and diving them.

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