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Ohio EPA calls western Lake Erie 'impaired'

A Great Lakes Moment from John Hartig

Will the current corn-ethanol mandate be reformed?




A Great Lakes Moment from John Hartig
- by John Hartig

Detroit’s Belle Isle Leads Nation in State Park Attendance The luster of Belle Isle has returned and is demonstrated by the fact that in 2017 over 4.2 million people…

Will the current corn-ethanol mandate be reformed?
- by Gary Wilson

Legislators say “Well intentioned flop” needs environmental update Recently proposed federal legislation would take initial steps to reform the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), known as the corn ethanol mandate,…

Drilling underway near the Line 5 Pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac
- by Mary Ellen Geist

Enbridge trying to determine best way to replace the aging pipeline Environmentalists in Northern Michigan started sounding alarms when they saw some unusual activity – 25-foot tall drill rig…

“Tapping the Great Lakes” debuts on DPTV March 26
- by Mary Ellen Geist

Water. Some people call it the new oil. Its value is increasing as climate change heats up the planet, pollution from carbon dioxides, microplastics, invasive species…

Landfill plan along Great Lakes sparks fear of pollution
- by Great Lakes Today

In northern Michigan, people who live near a landfill have been dealing with contaminated drinking water for decades. A new plan for the landfill makes them even more concerned.

Water wars resume in Wisconsin over Foxconn deal
- by Gary Wilson

Post-Waukesha respite short-lived The impasse in the fight over who’s entitled to take Great Lakes water in Southeast Wisconsin didn’t last long. Waukesha recently won a decade-long tussle over…

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