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Grassroots greenspace projects expand Detroit’s open space network
- by Planet Detroit

Activists aim to enrich their neighbors’ quality of life and deepen their connection to nature.

Climate costs imperil Detroit’s unique, diverse Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood
- by Planet Detroit

“Climate gentrification” in cities like New Orleans and Miami has seen wealthier and whiter residents displace low-income residents and people of color in less flood-prone areas. But in Jefferson Chalmers, climate gentrification could mean that those with the resources to manage the risks and expense of living in a floodplain may replace those without them.

Mapping the Great Lakes: Who is looking out for the Great Lakes?
- by Alex Hill

Nine academic initiatives — seven of which are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan — are focused on environmental concerns in the Great Lakes from invasive species to mapping the lakebeds.

Inundation and Injustice: Flooding presents a formidable threat to the Great Lakes region
- by Ensia

Throughout the Great Lakes region, archaic wastewater systems, crumbling infrastructure and segregated housing create a perfect storm of flooding vulnerability.

Filmmaker looks at Detroit through the lens of water, life events and justice
- by Gary Wilson

Youthful visit to the Detroit River was a “profound experience” for dream hampton.

Michigan ‘river walker’ program warns anglers on eating contaminated fish
- by Bridge Michigan

Industrial pollution taints the fish in a host of Michigan rivers, but anglers often don’t know the risks. River walkers like Jim Bridgforth aim to change that — but not everyone has the luxury of skipping a fresh-caught meal.

Regulators fail for 43 years to stop BASF from ‘staggering’ daily toxic waste spill into Detroit River
- by Planet Detroit

The pollution enters the river just upstream from the City of Wyandotte’s drinking water intake.

TED Countdown: Ford global director of sustainability Cynthia Williams on making Detroit a hub for climate solutions
- by Lisa John Rogers

Williams joined Great Lakes Now to expand on her TED talk, and why the automotive industry can be the driving force in making Detroit a hub for climate change solutions.

TED Countdown: Musician Tunde Olaniran from Flint, Michigan on the role of art in the climate crisis
- by Lisa John Rogers

They were asked to perform one of their latest works for the TED Countdown Summit at the Fillmore Detroit. Olaniran took to the stage with four backup dancers to retell the story of the Yuruba creation myth.

TED Countdown: Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice executive director Laprisha Berry Daniels on providing support, preparing for future
- by Lisa John Rogers

In her talk, Daniels looked to the past to figure out how to help us navigate the future with three pillars — acceptance, aid and adaptation.

TED Countdown: BlocPower CEO Donnel Baird on greening America’s buildings, improving communities
- by Lisa John Rogers

On Friday, Donnel Baird spoke at the TED Countdown Summit about greening America’s buildings with his company, Blocpower.

Great Lakes Moment: A business case for The Great Lakes Way
- by John Hartig

This new economic impact study estimated the range of impact from elements that make up The Great Lakes Way, including connections to Canada and historical attributes.