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The solar eclipse is a great opportunity for students and citizen scientists alike
- by Sarah Derouin, Great Lakes Now

Educators, students, and science enthusiasts in the region are teaming up with NASA to take important weather measurements during the event.

Composting, water access and backyard chickens: Detroit’s urban farming evolution
- by Planet Detroit

The city’s first urban agriculture director aims to help gardeners access land and water while making urban farming a seamless part of the city’s policy.

Video: It’s Detroiters vs dust in west side neighborhood
- by BridgeDetroit

BridgeDetroit found the city cited the company operating the crushing operation with nearly 300 blight violations over two years.

Great Lakes Moment: Gordie Howe International Bridge becomes part of binational trail system
- by John Hartig

World’s longest trail is about to become even longer. Plans are underway to make the Trans Canada Trail connect from Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan.

The future of water management, with Curt Wolf
- by Lisa John Rogers, Great Lakes Now

After Detroit’s 2021 catastrophic flooding event, new ideas emerged about climate adaptation. Curt Wolf sat down with Great Lakes Now to discuss how the Michigan Center for Freshwater Innovation is bringing solutions to the table by getting everyone to the table.

Great Lakes Moment: Lest we forget – A history of Detroit River oil pollution
- by John Hartig

Today, the Detroit River is much cleaner, and sentinel wildlife species have returned. It is good to look back at the 1960s pollution of the river, notably oil pollution, and recognize how far we have come.

Parts of Detroit could be radically transformed by city solar plan, for better or worse
- by Planet Detroit

Residents are divided over whether financial benefits outweigh risks.

Why poor air quality isn’t just a summer problem in Detroit
- by Planet Detroit

“Atmospheric inversions” caused several days of polluted air this week in much of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, though it did not rise to the level of an air quality action alert.

Great Lakes Moment: Ohio provides example for funding Detroit and Rouge rivers’ sediment cleanup
- by John Hartig

Ohio will soon embark on removing the Gorge Dam on the Cuyahoga River. Their approach could be a model for cleaning up contaminated sediments in the Detroit and Rouge rivers.

Flooding drives millions to move as climate migration patterns emerge
- by The Associated Press

Flooding is driving millions of people to move, limiting growth in some prospering communities and accelerating the decline of others, according to a new study.

Great Lakes Moment: Detroit’s new Ralph Wilson Park will provide habitats for a healthy ecosystem
- by John Hartig

For over 100 years, the Detroit River was perceived as a working waterway that supported industry and commerce. As such, its shoreline was progressively hardened with concrete seawalls, steel sheet piling, or broken concrete.

Great Lakes EPA office reaffirms 2030 cleanup goal for Detroit River, other contaminated sites
- by Gary Wilson, Great Lakes Now

Activist coalition says Michigan funding urgently needed for the Detroit River, ongoing pollution from chemical plant threatens progress.