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Michigan politicians ran on water problems. Activists want money for fixes.
- by Bridge Michigan

Water advocates say they plan to push state and federal lawmakers for more funding to address PFAS, lead line replacement, and other water issues. But the COVID-19 crisis could make budget dollars scarce.

Church to honor 45th anniversary of Fitzgerald shipwreck
- by The Associated Press

The event will be live-streamed on Facebook for the first time.

Great Lakes Moment: Sacred land of the Wyandot of Anderdon Nation
- by John Hartig

Learn about the Wyandot of Anderdon Nation and pay respect to the First Nations that were in the land first at Six Points in Gibraltar, Michigan.

Minority communities question election-year push by EPA
- by The Associated Press

Under President Donald Trump, the EPA has slashed support for some programs and regulatory protections benefiting disadvantaged communities.

Another Casualty of COVID: Testing declines for lead poisoning in Michigan
- by Bridge Michigan

During the pandemic, the number of children being tested for lead poisoning has been cut in half.

Michigan Allocates $20 Million to Relieve Customer Water Debts
- by Circle of Blue

The state is using federal CARES Act funding to help residents pay off past-due water bills that accrued during the pandemic.

EGLE fines company $60,000 over 2019 Detroit dock collapse
- by Michigan Radio

The Revere Dock was illegally storing limestone aggregate along the river when the site collapsed in late November 2019.

Lack of Utility Data Obscures Customer Water Debt Problems
- by Circle of Blue

Inadequate data hampers understanding of who is most affected by overdue water bills.

Michigan governor releases $500 million water infrastructure plan
- by The Associated Press

The initiative, dubbed MI Clean Water, calls for creating a pot of money from which local governments could apply for grants or loans to improve their water treatment systems.

Trash Fish: Marine debris becomes sculptures at Great Lakes aquariums and museums
- by Natasha Blakely

Throughout the Great Lakes region, local organizations have created trash sculpture displays to educate the public.

In Perpetuity: Toxic Great Lakes sites will require attention for generations to come
- by Gary Wilson

Capping has become a popular form of remediation for contaminated sites but requires decades-long monitoring.

30 in Their Thirties: Great Lakes Now host makes the list
- by GLN Editor

“Getting acknowledged like this is a really big honor,” GLN host Ward Detwiler said.