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As agencies seek more environmental justice data, longtime residents are skeptical
- by Energy News Network

Environmental regulators hope new data-driven tools will help identify hotspots and drive environmental justice. Some activists, who’ve been fighting polluters for decades, have doubts that more information will make a difference.

COVID hits Buttigieg, others who attended Michigan event
- by The Associated Press

At least 15 people who attended a public affairs conference last week on Michigan’s Mackinac Island have tested positive for COVID-19, including U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

“Thank God that smell is gone”: Detroit incinerator to be demolished after decades of complaints
- by Michigan Radio

A Detroit trash incinerator will be demolished after decades of complaints about air pollution and strong odors of rotten eggs and rotting garbage.

Great Lakes Moment: Rewilding Metropolitan Detroit
- by John Hartig

Otters, turkey, walleye and more have all made comebacks in the past few decades, thanks to the rewilding efforts of various organizations.

Detroit City Council wants to make Detroit River a World Heritage Site
- by Michigan Radio

Local activists from Detroit and Windsor are pushing The United Nations Education and Scientific Cultural Organization to recognize the local landmark.

High Cost of Water Hits Home
- by Circle of Blue

Rising rates hurt Michigan’s poorest residents.

Great Lakes Moment: Similarities between the Don and Rouge rivers, and one big difference
- by John Hartig

In this month’s column, John Hartig discusses the lessons that can be learned from the naturalization of Toronto’s Don River.

After Decades of Neglect, Bill Coming Due for Michigan’s Water Infrastructure
- by Circle of Blue

Federal and state governments begin to reverse course on underinvestment to address water’s true cost.

Report: Michigan increases recycling by 35.4% in 3 years
- by The Associated Press

Michigan has reached a 19.3% recycling rate, an increase of 35.4% from prior to 2019, according to an analysis the state of Michigan released ahead of Earth Day.

FRESH: U.S. Lawmakers Propose Great Lakes Federal Agency
- by Circle of Blue

Fresh is a biweekly newsletter from Circle of Blue that unpacks the biggest international, state, and local policy news stories facing the Great Lakes region today.

Michigan Legislature approves $4.8B infrastructure plan
- by The Associated Press

Michigan lawmakers approved $4.8 billion in spending, mostly for infrastructure upgrades, with an influx of federal pandemic and other funds that will go toward water systems and more.

Substantive change will require a ‘massive culture shift’ in federal, state and local agencies
- by Gary Wilson

In this Q&A with Great Lakes Environmental Law Center executive director Nick Leonard, he pushes regulators to focus on the possible, talks about the role MDHHS can play in environmental health, and more.