The Catch: Tracking bird migration at Toronto’s accidental wilderness

The Catch: Tracking bird migration at Toronto’s accidental wilderness
August 10, 2022 GLN Editor

Broadcasting in our monthly PBS television program, The Catch is a Great Lakes Now series that brings you more news about the lakes you love. Go beyond the headlines with reporters from around the region who cover the lakes and drinking water issues. Find all the work HERE.

This month, The Catch features a climate comeback story taking shape at Toronto’s Tommy Thompson Park.

Emma McIntosh of The Narwhal discusses the history of the site, which used to be a landfill with a legacy of industrial pollution, and then talks about the resilience of the park in recent years. She also highlights the work being done by conservation scientists who are studying and banding bird species who pass through during yearly migration.

McIntosh said Tommy Thompson Park becoming a hub for banding birds is setting a guideline for everywhere else.

“This helps researchers across North America keep track of where bird populations are going, which is really important because bird populations are on the decline here,” she said. “Because their ranges are so enormous, scientist don’t always know where the problem is.”

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Featured image: After being banded, a bird is released by conservation scientists at Toronto’s Tommy Thompson Park. (Photo Credit: Carlos Osorio/The Narwhal)


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