Summer on the Great Lakes: It can’t happen without the water

Summer on the Great Lakes: It can’t happen without the water
June 26, 2018 Mary Ellen Geist

A video about what’s at stake for boating and beaches

Summer on the Great Lakes means boating and beaches and family memories along the shores of our five famous bodies of water.  None of those things can be enjoyed without the beautiful water that makes it all possible.  In this Summer Recreation video hosted by “MiWeek” host Christy McDonald (soon to be “One Detroit” host) we show you some touching stories of summers on the Great Lakes and some of the ways several communities are dealing with the threats to the future of the health of the waters that makes the region so special.

From a woman who looks back on her family history on the Great Lakes, to the city of Racine, Wisconsin that worked to clean up its beaches, to a battle against invasive species, to the competitive sport of fishing on the Great Lakes, this video shows the complex nature of the world’s largest source of fresh water, and reminds us what we need to do to make sure summer memories can be made on the Great Lakes for decades to come.

Check out this Great Lakes Now Summer Recreation Video hosted by MiWeek host Christy McDonald.


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