History or everyday living: Towpath Trail

History or everyday living: Towpath Trail
September 10, 2012 GLN Editor

Screenshot from video The Towpath Trail originally served as a path for the mules pulling the canal boats. Now it has been reconstructed to pay homage to the history as well provide a space for citizens to enjoy.

In 1996 the Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation were the back yard to big industrial businesses. Legislation championed by Congressman Ralph, which lead to the area becoming the 7th national heritage area.

Currently there are more than 84 miles to explore, both on foot and by bicycle. Eventually the trail will span from Cleveland’s lake front to New Philadelphia. When the final construction is finished there is a potential for 2 million users. This will allow for residents to walk, run, and bike all around town. Tim Donovan Executive Director Ohio Canal Coordinator


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