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The Great Lakes News Collaborative includes Bridge Michigan; Circle of Blue; Great Lakes Now at Detroit Public Television; and Michigan Radio, Michigan’s NPR News Leader; who work together to bring audiences news and information about the impact of climate change, pollution, and aging infrastructure on the Great Lakes and drinking water. This independent journalism is supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

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Palisades “work family” reunites for shot at reopening a Michigan nuclear plant
- by Michigan Public

The Palisades Nuclear Plant in Covert Township could be the first shuttered nuclear facility to reopen in the U.S.

‘You start with us’: Conservation authority head has parting message for Ontario government
- by The Narwhal

Outgoing CEO of Conservation Halton reflects on government cuts and how to enable development while protecting nature and future generations.

Feds award $1.5 billion for Palisades nuclear plant restart
- by Bridge Michigan

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm touted the southwest Michigan plant as a key part of America’s energy future. Opponents questioned the safety of the 53-year-old facility.

Ontario weakens watershed protections (again) as natural resources minister gets new powers
- by The Narwhal

New rules reduce buffer zones between development and wetlands and empower Doug Ford’s cabinet to issue permits without their say.

Road salt use dips 37% in Michigan warm winter, saving millions, easing pollution
- by Bridge Michigan

Michigan in poised to save $10 million in road salt costs, bucking a trend of increased use — and pollution — in lakes, rivers and groundwater.

Judge holds Flint in contempt for continued lead pipe replacement delays
- by Bridge Michigan

The city was supposed to finish replacing all lead service lines in Flint by 2020. The work still isn’t done. The ruling includes no financial penalties.

Whitefish are on brink in Michigan. Can they learn to love rivers to survive?
- by Bridge Michigan

A staple for centuries, the fish are struggling to reproduce in the Great Lakes. So scientists hope to convince the whitefish to spawn in rivers, away from threats.

As Michigan winters vanish, researchers study snow for clues about what’s next
- by Bridge Michigan

Scientists once believed little important happened during winters. But as they vanish, the study of snowpack is increasing.

Reimagined St. Ignace memorial to be a showcase of Native American history
- by Bridge Michigan

The DNR is rebuilding the Father Marquette National Memorial in St. Ignace. The exhibits, art work and signage will focus on the area’s rich Native American culture and history.

Michigan’s lost winter cancels sturgeon season, ski, dog sled races
- by Bridge Michigan

Cancellations mount as Michigan experiences one of the warmest winters in memory. Experts blame El Niño and climate change.

Ontario sides with Enbridge Gas in fight to connect new homes to natural gas
- by The Narwhal

Saying fossil fuel use will decline, the Ontario Energy Board told Enbridge Gas to charge developers, not homeowners, for new natural gas hookups.

Flint residents reach $25M settlement with engineers in water crisis case
- by Bridge Michigan

Engineering company Veolia North America settles class-action lawsuit before a trial was set to begin. The company consulted the city of Flint after its disastrous 2014 water switch.

Restoring Ontario’s lost grasslands is as important as planting trees
- by The Narwhal

Most of the grasslands that once dotted Ontario have been lost to development and agriculture. Bringing back these carbon-rich landscapes would be good for birds, bees, butterflies and people.

Michigan lawmakers have more energy priorities in 2024
- by Bridge Michigan

Michigan lawmakers made sweeping changes to Michigan energy laws last fall. But plenty of items missed the cut, from community solar to finding solutions for Michigan’s outage-prone power grid.

Supreme Court poop dispute could have big impact on Michigan environment
- by Bridge Michigan

How far can Michigan go in its quest to limit farm pollution in Michigan’s lakes and rivers? That’s the subject of a case now before the state’s highest court.