The Catch: Pollution problems … and solutions

The Catch: Pollution problems … and solutions
July 13, 2022 GLN Editor

Broadcasting in our monthly PBS television program, The Catch is a Great Lakes Now series that brings you more news about the lakes you love. Go beyond the headlines with reporters from around the region who cover the lakes and drinking water issues. Find all the work HERE.

In Milwaukee, officials are working to eliminate combined sewage overflows that can pour pollution into local waterways including Lake Michigan.

In this segment of “The Catch,” meet Wisconsin Public Radio’s Jonah Beleckis who has been following the story.

Overflows can lead to drinking water advisories, restrictions on boating and swimming that drive local tourism, Beleckis says, and even harmful algae blooms.

These issues are part of why state and local agencies are trying to get a handle on the problem.

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