The Catch: Policy news facing the Great Lakes region

The Catch: Policy news facing the Great Lakes region
June 3, 2022 GLN Editor

This month of The Catch features stories from our partners in the Great Lakes News Collaborative. The collaborative’s investigation of the cost of water in the Great Lakes region was the focus of the latest episode.

In Chicago, journalist Laura Gersony is rolling out a new biweekly offering from Circle of Blue called Fresh: A Great Lakes Policy Briefing.

“Part of what we’re hoping to do with Fresh is really demystify these complex stories to make them accessible both to policy experts and to average citizens,” Gersony said.

Stories included in Fresh focus on everything from infrastructure challenges and water quality to environmental regulations and climate change. Fresh examines the policy that impacts the people and places of the Great Lakes region.

Catch more news at Great Lakes Now: 

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Water’s True Cost


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