The Catch: Tribal fishermen in the Great Lakes region

The Catch: Tribal fishermen in the Great Lakes region
May 13, 2022 GLN Editor

Broadcasting in our monthly PBS television program, The Catch is a Great Lakes Now series that brings you more news about the lakes you love. Go beyond the headlines with reporters from around the region who cover the lakes and drinking water issues. Find all the work HERE.

In Traverse City, Michigan, Anishinaabe journalist Sierra Clark has been reporting about tribal fishermen throughout the Great Lakes region.

“The story I have been covering came out of talking to a few tribal fishermen in past stories that I had done, and it covers harassment regarding tribal fishing,” Clark said. “This is not something new in the state of Michigan or neighboring states such as Wisconsin and Minnesota even after the reaffirmation from tribal fishing rights.”

Clark, a journalist with the Traverse City Record-Eagle, discusses why they’re covering this story in Episode 2204‘s segment of The Catch.

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