The Catch: Interlochen Public Radio podcast finds ‘[Un]Natural Selection’ in nature

The Catch: Interlochen Public Radio podcast finds ‘[Un]Natural Selection’ in nature
April 15, 2022 GLN Editor

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Turns out what used to be natural selection is becoming a bit unnatural.

That’s a theme of the latest season of Interlochen Public Radio’s podcast “Points North.”

Click HERE to find the full audio and digital series.

Producer Dan Wanschura says the new series, called “[Un]Natural Selection,” includes multiple stories about the relationship between human resource management and the natural world.

Humans have shaped and manipulated the natural world like no other species on earth. Those alterations have helped the planet, hurt it and everything in between. But we’re slow to realize, often taking decades to figure out our impact. – The Introduction to the [Un]Natural Selection podcast

Here are links to specific episodes of the podcast:

Introducing: [Un]Natural Selection

Episode 1: A Necessary Weevil

Episode 2: Houses Built on Sand

Episode 3: What to do with the ‘Big Bad Wolf’

Episode 4: Forest of the Living Dead

Episode 5: Rekindling Wilderness

Episode 6: Damned if We Do, Damned if We Don’t

Episode 7: Frankenfish

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