Chicago’s Adler Planetarium announces reopening

Chicago’s Adler Planetarium announces reopening
March 3, 2022 The Associated Press
Photo by Gary Wilson


The Adler Planetarium in Chicago will open this week for the first time since it closed its doors nearly two years ago because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The famed planetarium on the shores of Lake Michigan will on March 4 reopen, joining the ranks of museums and other institutions that have opened their doors once again in recent days months after the pandemic forced them to close.

And following the lead of other institutions in Chicago and around the state, the planetarium will reopen without a requirement that visitors wear masks, said Jennifer Howell, Adler’s senior manager of public relations.

All tickets must be purchased online. For more information, please visit www.adlerplanetarium.org.

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Featured image: Adler planetarium in Chicago, Ill. (Photo by Gary Wilson)


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