Watch Party: Ships and Shipwrecks

Watch Party: Ships and Shipwrecks
December 31, 2020 GLN Editor

Come aboard a boat that delivers mail to ships on the Great Lakes, learn about life on a Great Lakes freighter, and dive into some incredible shipwrecks that you don’t necessarily need a scuba tank to see in a visit to the only freshwater marine sanctuary.

In this “watch party,” originally broadcast on Facebook on Dec. 29, 2020, Great Lakes Now Program Director Sandra Svoboda chats with GLN Host Ward Detwiler along with Kyle Burleson, the executive director of the Detroit Wayne County Port Authority, and Stephanie Gandulla, a marine archaeologist at NOAA’s Thunday Bay National Marine Sanctuary. They answer questions from the Facebook audience and talk all things Great Lakes.

More about the episode is HERE.

This Watch Party was co-hosted by Great Lakes Now at Detroit Public Television, WPBS-TV in Watertown, New York and the Detroit Wayne County Port Authority. It was produced by Zach Allen and Colleen O’Donnell, and edited by Tyler Short.

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