PFAS News Roundup: Indianapolis and Rhinelander find PFAS, PFAS testing and projects stalled due to COVID-19

PFAS News Roundup: Indianapolis and Rhinelander find PFAS, PFAS testing and projects stalled due to COVID-19
April 9, 2020 Ric Mixter

PFAS, short for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a group of widespread man-made chemicals that don’t break down in the environment or the human body and have been flagged as a major contaminant in sources of water across the country.

Keep up with PFAS-related developments in the Great Lakes area.

In this edition: Indianapolis finds PFAS in the tap water, PFAS testing and projects stalled due to COVID-19, a Q&A with Ann Arbor’s water treatment services manager, PFAS found at a Michigan paper company, Rhinelander begins to investigate PFAS, PFAS pollution one of the concerns about bringing a fighter jet to Madison, and EPA moves toward setting PFAS drinking water standards.

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‘Forever chemicals’ were found in Indianapolis’ tap water. Here’s why that matters. – Indianapolis Star

The long-lasting “forever chemicals” also known as PFAS showed up in Indianapolis tap water at a level of 15 parts per trillion, according to a study by the Environmental Working Group, a national research and advocacy organization.


COVID-19 stalls PFAS testing in Michigan  – Sturgis Journal

The “stay at home” order is making it hard to stay on schedule for Michigan’s investigation into the chemicals.

Issues Of The Environment: COVID-19, Chemicals, And The Ann Arbor Municipal Water Supply – WEMU

The manager of Ann Arbor’s water treatment services answers questions about filtering out virus and chemical contamination.

Storm sewer with PFAS project halted due to COVID-19 – Water Quality Products

The rerouting of a storm sewer at Buick City, Michigan, with PFAS contamination is paused due to COVID-19.

PFAS found at St. Joseph County paper company – WKZO

State environmental officials tested groundwater wells in White Pigeon Township, finding elevated levels of the chemical at three residential properties.


As Rhinelander begins to investigate PFAS in their area, local leaders wish to be as far along as Michigan is in the fight against forever chemicals.

In its first ever virtual council meeting, over 100 people from across the country provided pros and cons to a new fighter being transferred to a Madison airfield.  PFAS pollution was one of the concerns.


In contrast to the protracted federal approach, a number of states have been setting their own standards to regulate PFAS, creating uncertainty for the regulated community and the public.

The director of the Environmental Law Clinic at UC Berkeley School of Law, the executive director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility and a senior scientist at the Green Science Policy Institute offer this editorial on why the federal government must stay on target against PFAS.

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