Water School

Water School
November 20, 2018 Mary Ellen Geist

All across the Great Lakes Region, from large cities to small rural towns, new problems are emerging involving water contamination. Many of the issues involve drinking water. And yet some officials don’t know much about how water systems work. Michigan State University is offering up a solution called “Michigan Water School: Essential Resources for Local Officials.” The course features information on water quality, quantity, economics and policy. It’s open to anyone, but the target audience is elected and appointed officials and their staff members. The cost is $175 for a two day workshop and with the help of the Erb Foundation, scholarships are also available. The courses are taught by MSU professors and educators with plans to add staff from watershed groups and other water professionals. In this video, we interview Michigan Sea Grant‘s Mary Bohling to find out more about how the program works.

For more information, go to Michigan Water School: Essential Resources for Local Officials


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