Public Comment Extended to Dec. 3rd for Proposed Nestle Water Withdrawal Increase

Public Comment Extended to Dec. 3rd for Proposed Nestle Water Withdrawal Increase
November 8, 2016 GLN Editor

Hey Michiganders! How do you feel about the Nestle plant near Evart, Michigan upping it’s production from 150 to 400 gallons-per-minute of groundwater ( that’s roughly 210 milllion gallons per year) from the aquifer to sell as bottled water around the world? An opportunity for you to weigh in has been extended after the Michigan DEQ received over a thousand emails in response to an October 31st M-live story that revealed that the period for comment was quickly coming to a close, and that a permit was being drafted to allow the company to move forward with it’s increase. Now, instead of Nov. 3rd deadline, there is a Dec. 3rd deadline for public comment. More on that here.

Here’s some of what we’ve gathered about the issue, with links to further reading:

The Guardian reported on the pumping increase would only cost the Swiss food giant $200 a year, and possibly the price of a permit fee, because its bottling plant in Evart is considered a private well under state law.

Nestle announced that the expansion would create “some 20 new jobs” in a press release on October 31st.

Both Nestle, and the Michigan DEQ say that an environmental review show that the aquifer can handle the additional withdrawal, and that it wont hurt the levels, temp or flow of nearby surface waters. But Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation, a group which previously fought nestle on a very similar situation at another plant in Michigan says there needs to be more scrutiny of the plan.

To comment on the Nestle proposal, email Carrie Monosmith at deq-eh@michigan.gov, or send mail to Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance, P.O. Box 30241, Lansing, Michigan 48909-7741. Comments must be received by Dec. 3.



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