Annual Great Lakes Commission Meeting in Toronto

Annual Great Lakes Commission Meeting in Toronto
October 10, 2016 GLN Editor

At the annual meeting of the Great Lakes Commission, representatives from around the region discussed new ways to address threats to the lakes, and seize opportunities. Jon Allan is the chair of the commission and was unanimously reelected to his position at the meeting. He says this gathering is important for the future of the Great Lakes because the area it is governed by so many different bodies. “I’ll tell you a little secret,” he says. “Sometimes all the states and provinces don’t always agree.” Allan says it is vital to agree on strategies like tackling invasive species or reducing urban runoff. During the first day of the meeting, the commission addressed several issues, including a maritime strategy which aims to increase trade in the Great Lakes while reducing negative environmental impacts of shipping. The commission meeting comes on the heels of another Great Lakes gathering in Toronto, the 2016 Great Lakes Public Forum.


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