When fun turns to misfortune: drownings on the Great Lakes

When fun turns to misfortune: drownings on the Great Lakes
August 17, 2016 GLN Editor

It’s not something we like to hear about, but it’s something that happens every summer. And this summer, we seem to be hearing about it all to often. Our friends at Great Lakes Today published a 4 part radio series on this issue that continues to tragically impact families throughout the region. The series illuminates some of the realities of drownings, and educates the listener/reader on dangerous currents in the lakes, and how to not be a victim to them. From the story of a mother that has turned her sorrow into activism, to an exploration of whether or not drownings on our lakes can be eliminated all together, this insightful series has relevance for anyone who finds themselves in and around our beautiful, powerful waters.

PART 1 Ohio mother mourns son taken by Lake Erie current

PART 2 Deadly currents — why they hit the Great Lakes

PART 3 Great Lakes drownings hit Michigan county

PART 4 Can drownings be eliminated on the Great Lakes?


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