Wild Hope

WILD HOPE is a new series of short films highlighting the intrepid changemakers who are working to restore and protect our planet. Each half-hour episode inspires audiences with stories of bold interventions, unexpected alliances, and nature’s resilience. Whether tapping oysters to clean New York City waters and prevent flooding, or growing coffee to save Mozambican rainforests, the series reveals how local action can spark powerful change — and provides a refreshing dose of hope in an increasingly cynical world.

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EVENT: Beavers, biodiversity and climate resilience in the Great Lakes

Join us for a special virtual town hall event where we’ll highlight the role beavers play in ecosystems throughout the Great Lakes basin. We’ll feature clips from Wild Hope’s Beaver Fever episode, which takes a look at how beavers are shaping climates throughout the British countryside, and allow what we learn from these excerpts to shape a live conversation with a panel of experts here in the Great Lakes!

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