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How Microfishing Took the Angling World by (Very Small) Storm
- by Hakai Magazine

Around the world, fishers are embracing tiny quarry. Is microfishing a celebration of biodiversity or a sign of collapse?

Water Access: As moratoria on shutoffs end, old problems return to the forefront
- by Kari Lydersen

As moratoria expire across the Great Lakes region, advocates say ongoing affordability and debt relief are key.

Drinking Water News Roundup: Ontario Indigenous lawsuit over water dispute, 50,000 sign up for Flint settlement, Ohio infrastructure loans
- by Grace Dempsey

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Bolder Fish: New study looks at how pandemic antidepressant use might affect freshwater ecosystems
- by Sharon Oosthoek

While antidepressants offer a better quality of life to millions of humans, they are among the most commonly detected medications in aquatic ecosystems where they could be causing changes to the behavior of fish and insects.

Is the Line 5 tunnel a bridge to Michigan’s energy future or a bad deal?
- by Bridge Michigan

With climate action on the state and national agenda, critics of Enbridge Line 5 warn that investing in new pipeline infrastructure undermines Michigan’s pathway to carbon neutrality. Experts say it’s not so simple.

Salt Levels: The effects of wintertime de-icing linger in Toronto-area rivers in the summer
- by Sharon Oosthoek

A study found high enough amounts of chloride in four Greater Toronto Area rivers to put at least two-thirds of aquatic life at risk during early stages of their development.

Canada Speaks: In Enbridge Line 5 debate, Canadian representatives point to the impact on their economy
- by Natasha Blakely

A panel of Canadian representatives spoke to a Michigan Senate committee on Tuesday against the shutdown of the Line 5 pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac.

Drinking Water News Roundup: Lead in NY schools, Minnesota water exhibit, Wisconsin water week
- by Grace Dempsey

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HotSpots H2O: Canadian Government Misses Target to End Water Insecurity for First Nations Communities
- by Circle of Blue

Many First Nations in Canada continue to live without clean water six years after the government began actively addressing the issue, according to a report published late last month.

Too few farmers are curbing pollution in Lake Erie. Should they be forced?
- by Bridge Michigan

As climate change complicates Lake Erie’s algae problem, scientists say farmers must do far more to reduce phosphorus runoff. But will enough farmers change their ways without a government mandate?

Energy News Roundup: Q&A with energy secretary Granholm, Indiana enviromental bills struggle, Ontario rate payers prepare for hike
- by Natasha Blakely

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Drinking Water News Roundup: Climate change and Illinois water withdrawals, clean water for Michigan students
- by Grace Dempsey

Catch the latest drinking water updates with Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.