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FishPass stays off November ballot, will be decided in appeals court
- by Great Lakes Echo

The fate of Traverse City, Michigan’s FishPass project will be decided in court. That’s after city commissioners decided not to put the question before voters in November.

Raising Fish: An inside look at how one hatchery is helping to restore native Great Lakes species
- by Kathy Johnson

Raising lake sturgeon, walleye and whitefish requires knowledge of biology, engineering, physics, mathematics and a stomach impervious to strong fish smells.

Congresswomen urge Biden to stop pipeline in Minnesota visit
- by The Associated Press

A group of Democratic representatives called on Biden to revoke a federal water quality permit and stop the project, as the president did with the Keystone XL pipeline the day he took office.

Great Lakes Moment: International wetlands treaty turns 50
- by John Hartig

Most regions throughout the world would be happy to have one wetland of international importance, but the region that includes southeast Michigan and southwest Ontario is notable for having three.

Adaptation vs. Mitigation: Canada’s national climate change adaptation strategy needs balance
- by Andrew Reeves

Canada’s national approach to climate change was updated in mid-August with a focus on Indigenous reconciliation, nature-based solutions like natural infrastructure, and the post-COVID creation of green jobs.

Sensors provide a real-time glimpse at Chicago River quality
- by The Associated Press

Chicago nonprofit Current in 2019 installed three sensors in the river’s three main branches to continuously estimate the amount of bacteria from human and other warm-blooded animals’ waste.

Illinois Senate passes energy deal governor says falls short
- by The Associated Press

A massive energy policy overhaul aimed at making Illinois a fully renewable-energy state by 2050 cleared the Senate early Wednesday despite objections from Gov. J.B. Pritzker and groups who want more environmental and consumer protections.

‘Forever chemicals’ found in groundwater near military bases
- by The Associated Press

Pentagon documents show at least 385 military installations nationwide are polluted with PFAS, mostly from firefighting foam used widely in training exercises, according to an environmental group that just released the records.

Rising Waters: Great Lakes lighthouse keepers fight to preserve history in the face of climate change
- by Rachel Duckett

As one of the oldest lighthouses in the Great Lakes region, much of the Waugoshance Lighthouse’s history has been lost. What remains are unsubstantiated ghost stories, a piece of World War Ⅱ history and a lighthouse left to crumble into Lake Michigan.

Birds, Blooms and Being Back- Episode 1028
- by GLN Editor

Birds vs. buildings in Chicago, algae blooms on Lake Superior, and aquariums re-open.

SCUBAnauts enjoy first Great Lakes dive in Alpena
- by The Alpena News

The SCUBAnauts – a scientific diving program for teens – spent a week in Alpena this month diving in the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in their Great Lakes dive.

Question of Diversion: Great Lakes governors group silent on future water threats
- by Gary Wilson

Drought in the west, changing political dynamics could provide long-term challenges for the Great Lakes.

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