Great Lakes Now Presents

Episode 1010:Sand, Sinkholes and Science

Travel with Great Lakes Now to the remote Canadian research station where scientists are working to understand  and protect  freshwater. Go deep into Lake Huron to see mysterious sinkholes, and watch as some homeowners try to save their Lake Michigan coastal homes while the waters wash away the beaches below them.

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Great Lakes Now Presents

Episode 1009: Finding Impacts

On this episode of Great Lakes Now, search for a meteorite on the bottom of Lake Michigan. Learn how a little striped fish might help us understand the health impacts of industrial chemicals on people, and see how a Milwaukee community is UN-developing a river to improve the environment and water quality.

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Station Marblehead

One of the Coast Guard’s busiest stations on the Great Lakes

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Great Lakes Now Presents

Episode 1008: In the Waters

Politics, economics, recreation and science are all part of the latest episode of Great Lakes Now. Go underwater in the five lakes with a group of women who dove them all in 24 hours, and learn more about the controversy about controlling water levels in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence. Get aboard a commercial fishing boat  on Lake Huron, and meet Dr. Katfish, who wants you to know that Great Lakes fish can be fun and festive.

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Latest News

Say Goodbye to Your National Parks Road Trips?
- by The Revelator

Climate change is already shaking up the natural world, changing the timing of seasonal snow melts, flower blooms and animal migrations. Now a new study from researchers at Utah State University suggests that, not surprisingly, it will also change when people interact with those landscapes.

Sustainable Shipping: The Port of Montreal’s role as the Great Lakes’ green gateway
- by Kari Lydersen

The Port of Montreal is one of two ports with a perfect score under Green Marine’s sustainability certification program. As such a large and critically positioned port, Montreal also has arguably more money to spend on sustainability initiatives than many other ports.

Bringing the fight against dams to COP26
- by High Country News

Indigenous activists and allies from Oregon to Chile are highlighting how dams harm the climate and Indigenous peoples worldwide.

Walleye Windfall: Lake Erie bait and tackle is big small business
- by James Proffitt

Small shops and lure makers keep anglers happy and fish fed.

Whitmer proposes $300M in water funding for communities
- by The Associated Press

Michigan Gov. Whitmer proposed $300 million to help local utilities address elevated lead levels, plan for pipe replacement and connect users of contaminated wells to municipal supplies.

Sturgeon Restoration: Drawing in the public with a festival
- by Kathy Johnson

To encourage stewardship of lake sturgeon, in particular some hidden spawning grounds for the fish, a group of people organized the Blue Water Sturgeon Festival, with art, food, touch tanks and more.

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A network of PBS stations to work together to cover crucial issues affecting the well-being and future of the Great Lakes.


The Forever Chemicals
Learn more about the PFAS family of chemicals and watch the Great Lakes Now program. Premieres March 28, 2019.


Tapping the Great Lakes title pageTapping the Great Lakes
Water withdrawals remain a controversial issue in the Great Lakes. Learn about two of them in this Great Lakes Now program.


Beneath the Surface - the Line 5 Pipeline in the Great LakesBeneath the Surface: The Line 5 Pipeline in the Great Lakes 
Now an ongoing political issue, the history of Enbridge Line 5 in the Mackinac Straits goes back decades. Watch the Great Lakes Now documentary about the oil-and-gas pipeline.


The Seven Generation RiverThe Seven Generation River 
Visit a Native American community in the Great Lakes region and see how members protect water, using traditional culture along with technology.


The Door Flint Opened: America’s Drinking Water Crisis
When lead leached into the drinking water in this Michigan town, it changed how journalists and authors thought about water issues in their own communities. Hear from them about their work and what impact it had.