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Green Infrastructure: Cities around the Great Lakes plan for a changing future
- by Andrew Blok

Rain gardens, bioretention features, adaptable parks and more are popping up all around the region.

Flooding Tells ‘Two Different Stories’ In Michigan
- by Circle of Blue

Climate disruption is revealing economic inequality.

Water Access: As moratoria on shutoffs end, old problems return to the forefront
- by Kari Lydersen

As moratoria expire across the Great Lakes region, advocates say ongoing affordability and debt relief are key.

Great Lakes Moment: A Great Lakes Way stretching from southern Lake Huron through Western Lake Erie
- by John Hartig

The Great Lakes Way would be an interconnected set of 156 miles of blueways or water trails and 160 miles of greenways stretching from southern Lake Huron through western Lake Erie.

In flooded Michigan neighborhoods, who should pay for sea walls?
- by Bridge Michigan

For two straight summers, residents of Detroit’s Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood watched water pour into basements and pool in streets, a result of coastal flooding that will become increasingly common throughout the Great Lakes as climate change progresses.

Save Water, Save Nature: Kids calendar art contest promotes healthy water management
- by Sandra Svoboda

GLN Host Ward Detwiler interviewed this year’s Kids Clean Water Calendar Contest winner about his artwork promoting clean water.

Air, Wind, Solar: In the Great Lakes region, energy stands out in President Biden’s efforts
- by Dave Spratt

What sort of impact could President Biden’s executive orders and his various campaign promises have on the Great Lakes region?

Great Lakes Moment: From the Rouge River to Persian Gulf, oil spill cleanups are handled by a Detroit company
- by John Hartig

Marine Pollution Control was founded in Detroit in 1967 as the first oil spill cleanup company in the Great Lakes and one of the very first in the nation.

Pilot state program seeks to reduce water waste in homes
- by The Associated Press

Some residents in southwestern Michigan and the Detroit area will get plumbing repairs in their homes as part of the “Water Leak Pilot” program.

Speaking of Water: How Can the Biden Administration Deliver on Environmental Justice Pledges?
- by Circle of Blue

The Biden administration wants to correct a legacy of pollution and under-investment in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. Two veterans of the U.S. environmental justice movement discuss how to do that.

PBS Project: Great Lakes Now and the Belle Isle Conservancy are hosting a high school intern
- by GLN Editor

With funding from PBS Education, we’re offering a spring internship to a high school student to work on Earth Day-related events with Belle Isle Conservancy and produce video content about the experience.

Watch Party: Coastal Wetlands, Part 1
- by GLN Editor

In this live watch party, Host Sandra Svoboda chats with WDET’s Annamarie Sysling and Friends of the Rouge River Executive Director Marie McCormick about two restoration projects around the Detroit River area.