Indiana Dunes starts beach parking information line

Indiana Dunes starts beach parking information line
May 26, 2020 The Associated Press
Photo by Sandra Svoboda

PORTER, Ind. (AP) — Indiana Dunes National Park has started an information line to help visitors find an open beach with available parking amid severe shoreline erosion along Lake Michigan and the need for social distancing.

Beginning Saturday morning, visitors can call 219-395-1003 to hear recorded information on available parking at Indiana Dunes National Park beaches and nearby Indiana Dunes State Park. The national park says the information line will be updated regularly throughout the day during beach season between the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

The information can help visitors avoid smaller national park beaches and parking lots such as Porter, Kemil, and Mount Baldy that tend to fill early on weekends and make social distancing more difficult.

National park rangers and local officials will monitor park beaches and lots for overcrowding and dangerous conditions and will close them if needed to protect public health. Porter Beach, which was recently closed due to overcrowding, will reopen for the Memorial Day weekend, but the National Park Service and local authorities will monitor it closely.

Visitors are urged to stay safe by practicing social distancing on the beaches to protect their health and that of other visitors amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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Featured image: Indiana Dunes National Park on Lake Michigan. (Photo by Sandra Svoboda)


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