The Soo Locks: Past, present, future

The Soo Locks: Past, present, future
February 14, 2020 Ric Mixter
Photo by Sandra Svoboda/Great Lakes Now

Many people might know of the Soo Locks or have seen it in all its giant glory. But how many people know of its long and storied history, or when the various locks came to be?

Check out Great Lakes Now’s detailed timeline exploring the Soo Locks and what they’ve meant for the Great Lakes and the region over the decades.

Featured Image: Soo Locks, Photo by Sandra Svoboda

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  1. Mike V. 4 years ago

    We visited last summer and were wonderfully impressed by the massiveness and beauty of the Soo Locks… and impressed by the awesomeness of the tonnage they move for our great nation, and for the world. Thanks to all who make this valuable and impressive locks & dam structure so functional. Thank you also for the YouTube videos and this great website!

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