PFAS in the Headlines

Explore the map of recent news stories about this family of industrial chemicals that is drawing increasing concern.

PFAS in the Headlines
March 20, 2019 Sandra Svoboda

How this family of industrial chemicals has contaminated water supplies is a worldwide story.

Great Lakes Now collected headlines from dozens of newspapers, television stations and public radio outlets to help you explore the story of PFAS chemicals in other communities.

Zoom in on the map to see coverage from a particular community. You can learn how governmental agencies and politicians are responding, what research is being done, and how people’s lives are affected under each pointer on the map.

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More PFAS Coverage

EPA unveils strategy to regulate toxic ‘forever chemicals’
- by The Associated Press

The plan is intended to restrict PFAS from being released into the environment, accelerate cleanup of PFAS-contaminated sites such as military bases and increase investments in research to learn more about where PFAS are found and how their spread can be prevented.

PFAS News Roundup: Michigan works on transparency, 3M could cost the Minnesota public billions, study recruitment in Michigan
- by Natasha Blakely

Catch the latest updates on what’s happening with PFAS in Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

‘Something has to be done’: Living along Madison’s Starkweather Creek, one of Wisconsin’s most polluted waterways.
- by Wisconsin Watch

In 2019, Wisconsin’s Starkweather Creek contained higher levels of PFOA and PFOS — two more scrutinized types of PFAS — than any other waters the Department of Natural Resources tested that year. At the creek’s Fair Oaks Avenue crossing, the DNR detected levels of PFOS at 270 parts per trillion and PFOA at 43 ppt.

‘Forever chemicals’ found in groundwater near military bases
- by The Associated Press

Pentagon documents show at least 385 military installations nationwide are polluted with PFAS, mostly from firefighting foam used widely in training exercises, according to an environmental group that just released the records.

Minnesota issues plan to treat water marred by 3M chemicals
- by The Associated Press

Minnesota pollution control and natural resources officials released a $700 million plan to improve the drinking water for 14 communities whose groundwater was contaminated due to chemical disposal by 3M.

Drinking Water Roundup: Senate passes $1 trillion infrastructure bill, Canada reaches $8 billion settlement with First Nations
- by Rachel Duckett

Catch the latest updates on what’s happening with PFAS in Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.


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