The Lake Erie Bill of Rights

The Lake Erie Bill of Rights
February 25, 2019 GLN Editor
Photo by James Proffitt

A collection of conversations about the Toledo vote

In advance of this week’s vote on a measure that would grant Lake Erie certain legal status, Great Lakes Now is bringing a variety of perspectives about the issue with these extended conversations.

Click on the headlines below to find more about the measure from the perspective of people who support and opposed it, as well as one environmental lawyer who may have as many questions and answers.

The Global Movement in Local Courts: Legal questions about how the Lake Erie Bill of Rights would work surround the Toledo election


Photos by Cindy Matthews via James Proffitt

Making Waves at the Ballot Box: Effort to pass Lake Erie Bill of Rights started with citizens concerned about drinking water crisis


Photo by unknown photographer via pixabay.com cc 0.0

Targeting the Farms: Ohio agriculture industry concerned about what happens if voters pass the Lake Erie Bill of Rights


Threat to Business: Ohio Chamber members would be harmed by Lake Erie Bill of Rights


Featured Image: Highway overpass sign erected by advocates. Toledoans for Safe Water, Photo by James Proffitt


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