Digging Deeper into Michigan’s Groundwater and Drinking Water Problems

Digging Deeper into Michigan’s Groundwater and Drinking Water Problems
October 2, 2018 Mary Ellen Geist

A webinar collaboration with Circle of Blue, DPTV’s Great Lakes Bureau, and Bridge Magazine

On Monday, October 1st, Circle of Blue, DPTV’s Great Lakes Bureau and Bridge Magazine collaborated on a webinar about Michigan’s Groundwater Emergency. PFAS was the topic of biggest concern, but we discussed other issues and threats to groundwater and drinking water as well.

First, we heard from Michigan Senator Gary Peters and the author of the book “What the Eyes Don’t See,” Flint Pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha. Then reporters interviewed FLOW Senior Advisor Dave Dempsey, world-renowned PFAS expert Professor Chris Higgins, and coal ash expert Lisa Widawski Hallowell. The public was able to ask questions of these experts on line, we went into breakout sessions, and then our experts answered more questions.

It was a diverse audience of hundreds of people from various government agencies including the EPA to citizens and advocacy groups.

We discussed pollution threats to groundwater in Michigan and nationally; the power of state and federal pollution prevention policies, areas of concern for groundwater pollution, and the health effects of PFAS.

We learned that the emerging contaminant PFAS is called “the forever chemical” – and despite states of emergencies in places like Cooper and Parchment Township in Southwest Michigan, and the “DO NOT EAT” fish advisories in Michigan’s Huron River due to high levels of PFAS, there is no specific plan to clean it up,

This webinar will be posted here shortly.


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