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Chicago resists putting life rings at risky lake piers
- by The Associated Press

The Chicago Park District said it plans to put life rings along the Lake Michigan waterfront but only in areas that are considered safe to swim.

Sensors provide a real-time glimpse at Chicago River quality
- by The Associated Press

Chicago nonprofit Current in 2019 installed three sensors in the river’s three main branches to continuously estimate the amount of bacteria from human and other warm-blooded animals’ waste.

Illinois woman swims across iconic Michigan lake twice
- by The Associated Press

A medical student from Illinois swam across one of Michigan’s Torch Lake — twice — to raise money and awareness about diabetes.

Boating on a Budget: Get off land and onto the Great Lakes
- by James Proffitt

Check out Great Lakes Now’s guide to getting on the water without burning a hole in your wallet.

Thousand Island Dressing Mystery: Uncertain origins of one of America’s favorite sauces
- by Rachel Duckett

What is the original recipe? It’s a different story depending on who is asked.

The Suckers: Great Lakes’ “best supporting fishes” are important to the food web
- by Sandra Svoboda

Karen Murchie, director of freshwater research at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, talked all about suckers and what they mean for the Great Lakes in this Q&A with GLN Host Ward Detwiler.

Some Chicagoans Wary of Lead Pipe Replacement
- by Circle of Blue

The response to Chicago’s lead pipe replacement project is a story playing out in neighborhoods across the country. Government public interest initiatives, even with the best of intentions and resources, are being curtailed by mistrust.

See the Sturgeon: The many ways to see, touch and appreciate sturgeon around the region
- by Noah Bock

Wisconsin’s Sturgeon Fest celebrates a multi-year lake sturgeon restoration program and is just one of a long list Great Lakes Now has compiled on sturgeon-related activities to explore this summer.

Birds on Film: Filmmaker Bob Dolgan talks about Chicago’s piping plovers with Great Lakes Now
- by Sandra Svoboda

“The goal of the film was to show how people and birds can interact and co-exist,” Dolgan says in this GLN interview.

Drinking Water Roundup: Biden administration invests millions in rural water, treatment plant uses ultraviolet, lead pipe removal in Flint
- by Rachel Duckett

Catch the latest drinking water updates with Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

In Chicago, Flooding Overwhelmingly Strikes Communities of Color
- by Circle of Blue

Chicago’s leaders have poured billions into ambitious programs to keep water away from roads and buildings. But urban flooding continues—overwhelmingly in communities of color—forcing experts to turn to new solutions.

Chicago’s Adler Planetarium won’t fully reopen until 2022
- by The Associated Press

Planetarium officials said they’ll start offering some events in July, but due to financial difficulties the full reopening will be in March 2022.