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Faced with COVID-era civil rights complaints, Chicago commits to environmental justice
- by Great Lakes Echo

Chicago is joining a nationwide trend of large cities incorporating equity or justice goals into preparing for climate change’s impact on public health.

Study calls for EPA to include human well-being in Great Lakes restoration program
- by Gary Wilson, Great Lakes Now

Historically restoration work focused on measurable ecological outcomes. Researchers make the case to codify human well-being into the process.

Chicago could be first major Midwestern city to ban gas in new construction
- by Grist

Buildings are Chicago’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, but efforts to decarbonize them are facing union opposition.

Army Corps plans $1 billion barricade to deter invasive carp at Illinois and Des Plaines Rivers
- by WBEZ

Invasive carp could threaten the $7 billion recreation and commercial fishing industry around the Great Lakes.

Flooding drives millions to move as climate migration patterns emerge
- by The Associated Press

Flooding is driving millions of people to move, limiting growth in some prospering communities and accelerating the decline of others, according to a new study.

Chicago Suburbs, Running Out of Water, Will Tap Lake Michigan
- by Circle of Blue

America’s groundwater is now running dry where water is abundant.

A Community-Led Approach To Stopping Flooding Expands
- by Borderless Magazine

In a region where communities of color are most impacted by flooding, RainReady is bringing together community members to create flood mitigation plans.

On Chicago’s South Side, neighbors fight to keep Lake Michigan at bay
- by Grist

Flaws in federal flood maps leave millions unprepared. Some are trying to fix that.

Mapping the Great Lakes: Who is looking out for the Great Lakes?
- by Alex Hill

Nine academic initiatives — seven of which are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan — are focused on environmental concerns in the Great Lakes from invasive species to mapping the lakebeds.

Inundation and Injustice: Flooding presents a formidable threat to the Great Lakes region
- by Ensia

Throughout the Great Lakes region, archaic wastewater systems, crumbling infrastructure and segregated housing create a perfect storm of flooding vulnerability.

FRESH: As Chicago Broils, Citizens and Scientists Study ‘Heat Island’ Effect
- by Circle of Blue

Coinciding with the summer’s extreme heat and citywide water pressure decreases, citizen and government scientists continue to map heat islands in Chicago.

Illinois, feds grapple with agreement that would advance billion dollar plan to stop invasive carp

Illinois objects to terms of “complex” partnership agreement required by the Army Corps of Engineers, while Michigan policy expert questions the need.