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Buffalo legislator calls for bill of rights protection for the Great Lakes
- by Gary Wilson

Unique legislation would provide “personhood” rights but legal barriers to adoption are significant. Public Trust doctrine as an alternative.

Extinctions, shrinking habitat spur ‘rewilding’ in cities
- by The Associated Press

Animal and plant species are dying off at an alarming rate. Their plight is stirring calls for “rewilding” places where they thrived until driven out by development, pollution and climate change.

Energy News Roundup: Electric school buses, solar-powered recreational boats on the rise
- by Kathy Johnson

Catch the latest in Great Lakes energy news in Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

Great Lakes Moving Bridges: How they work and why we love them
- by James Proffitt

Moving bridges historically played crucial roles in the development of dozens of Great Lakes cities. And folks are often mesmerized by their sheer size and the fact they really do move.

Energy News Roundup: Michigan launching study of nuclear power options, clean energy jobs rebounding in Wisconsin
- by Kathy Johnson

Catch the latest in Great Lakes energy news in Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

Mapping the Great Lakes: Where do you live?
- by Alex Hill

Thirty million people live within the Great Lakes Watershed, which make up roughly 10% of the US population and 30% of the Canadian population.

More from “Poisonous Ponds: Tackling Toxic Coal Ash”
- by GLN Editor

Keep up with more coal ash news from the “Poisonous Ponds: Tackling Toxic Coal Ash” project.

Mapping the Great Lakes: Underwater discoveries await
- by Alex Hill

Hundreds of shipwrecks have been mapped out but researchers believe more are out there.

BP reaches $2.75M deal over Indiana refinery pollution
- by The Associated Press

Oil titan BP reached a $2.75 million settlement over air pollution from its largest refinery after environmentalists complained of repeated emissions violations.

Coal ash 101: Everything you need to know about this toxic waste
- by Sruthi Gopalakrishnan

Here are the basics that will help you understand this looming threat.

The Catch: Coal ash regulation
- by GLN Editor

“The EPA has indicated that they’re going to take a more active approach going forward with the sites that are regulated under their current rules.”