The Great Lakes Now monthly television program is produced by Detroit Public TV in partnership with a network of PBS affiliates around the region. Shooting on location in eight states and Canada, the magazine-style show brings viewers stories about the recreational, economic, scientific, political and environmental issues related to the Great Lakes and drinking water.

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Latest News from Great Lakes Now

After a pandemic pause, Detroit restarts water shut-offs – part of a nationwide trend as costs rise
- by The Conversation

Detroit residents with past-due bills are facing water shut-offs again after a reprieve during COVID-19. At the same time, providers are also raising rates.

Waves of Change: Meet Executive Directer Alicia Smith
- by GLN Editor

Waves of Change is a new online interview series highlighting the diverse faces and perspectives shaping the environmental justice movement throughout the Great Lakes region.

Points North: Ghost towns lost and found
- by Interlochen Public Radio

David Exelby was scrolling through Reddit when he came across a mysterious post. This guy had stumbled on a ghost town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The problem was no one could find it. David and producer Max Howard go looking.

We’re going to need a bigger fishbowl
- by Brian Owens

Tracking escaped goldfish in Hamilton Harbour could help control the invasive species.

The Four Sisters: Bangs, Lugalette, Bannock and Frybread
- by Staci Lola Drouillard

“I think next time I decide to make a batch, I’ll add a bit of manoomin — wild rice — flour along with a touch of maple sugar, to see how that fries up in a little bit of grease, and give thanks for all that we have.”

As Great Lakes warm, collaboration and Indigenous self-determination are keys to adapting
- by Interlochen Public Radio

The Great Lakes are among the fastest-warming bodies of water on Earth. They contain one fifth of the world’s freshwater, and climate change is affecting everything that depends on them.

Do snitches net fishes? Scientists turn invasive carp into traitors to slow their Great Lakes push
- by The Associated Press

Wildlife officials across the Great Lakes are looking for spies to take on an almost impossible mission: stop the spread of invasive carp.

I Speak for the Fish: Carp are crazy about corn
- by Kathy Johnson

Common carp are not the only species that enjoy a fresh ear of Michigan sweet corn as we discovered during a recent attempt at feeding.